Giro della Romagna

The Giro di Romagna ( also Giro della Romagna, last Giro della Romagna et Coppa Placci ) is a former Italian cycling race.

The one-day races led by the historical landscape Romagna region of northern Italy. It has been held annually in September. There were only seven foreigners win the race, including the Frenchman Jean -Baptiste Dortignacq who decided the first edition in 1910 for themselves. Record winner is " il Campionissimo " Fausto Coppi, who won the Giro di Romagna three times. 2005-2011 was one of the race for the UCI Europe Tour and was classified in category 1.1.

2011, the Giro della Romagna two races and Coppa Placci merged the Giro della Romagna et Coppa Placci. After the race was not held in 2012, it was 2013 in the race Memorial Marco Pantani, which was 2013 Memorial Marco Pantani Giro della Romagna.

List of winners