Gvardeysky District

The Rajon Gwardeisk (Russian Гвардейский район ) in Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia, located in the center of the territory east of the regional center of Kaliningrad. He is one of the more densely populated Rajonen in the Oblast.

Administrative center is Gwardeisk (formerly Tapiau ). The Rajon is drained by the river Pregel and its tributary Dejma ( Deime ). Parallel to the Pregel runs the railway line Kaliningrad - Moscow and the highway-like constructed road Kaliningrad - Talpaki - Moscow / Saint Petersburg. Main occupation of the population is agriculture, - is organized as a cooperative - as usual in the Oblast.


The Rajon Gwardeisk consists of the urban community Gwardeiskoje with the city Gwardeisk and a further settlement and four rural communities with a total of 58 settlements:


The Rajon was founded on April 7, 1946 as Tapiauski rayon. The name referred to the small town Tapiau, which was until 1945 the county Wehlau, took its follow this Rajon. The county town of Wehlau, 1947 Russian Snamensk, had been badly damaged in World War II, so that you chose to install the Rajonverwaltung in less destroyed Tapiau. On September 7, 1946, the city was renamed Tapiau Gwardeisk and Rajon rajon in Gwardeiski.

When setting up the village Soviets in the summer of 1947, the now former Druzhba -called small town Allenburg was assigned to the Rajon Prawdinsk. The place had now Snamensk nurmehr the status of an urban-type settlement. In 1959 came from the dissolved Rajon Kaliningrad the place Komsomolsk ( Löwenhagen ) with ambient added. From 1963 to 1965, the city Gwardeisk rajonfrei and rural areas of the Rajons were connected to the Rajon Polessk during a short-term general and administrative reform.

As part of local government Rajon in 2005 was given the status of a " municipal " Rajons and converted the existing five village districts in four rural communities. Here is the place Snamensk lost its status as urban-type settlement and became the seat of a rural community.

Village soviets / village districts 1947-2005