Karl Wilhelm Reinmuth

Karl Wilhelm Reinmuth ( born April 4, 1892 in Heidelberg, † May 6, 1979 ) was a German astronomer who worked at the observatory on the royal chair at Heidelberg.


Reinmuth discovered two short-period comets, namely 30P/Reinmuth and 44P/Reinmuth and 395 asteroids (see list of asteroids ), including Apollo, the namesake of a group of asteroids (Apollo - type) whose orbits may cross Earth's path. Reinmuth discoveries of asteroids account for the period from 1914 until 1957.

Particularly spectacular was his discovery of the asteroid ( 69230 ) Hermes in 1937, which was recovered by the LONEOS program until 2003. Calculations whose orbit presented at the German astronomer Friedrich Gondo Laces.


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  • Catalogue of 6,500 precise photographic positions smaller planets, brown, Karlsruhe 1953