Lancia Aprilia

Lancia Aprilia Berlina 1937

The Lancia Aprilia is the manufacturer Lancia an automobile and was produced from 1937 to 1949 in a quantity of 27,636 units. Was offered the car as a four-door sedan and a coupe of different external coachbuilders, 7554 " Aprilia " total were coupes. As the successor to the slightly lower placed Lancia Ardea can apply, which had already been introduced in 1939 and was produced until 1953.


The body of the car has been tested in the wind tunnel of Politecnico di Torino and optimized from the conclusions drawn toward knowledge. Presented was the model that was the last vehicle that had been developed with the participation of Vincenzo Lancia, 1937. Initially ran the sales slow because the innovations like the rear independent suspension rather aroused reservations. Only when there are no problems had shown increased sales.

Although Italy had changed from 1924 to 1926 of left-hand traffic to right-hand traffic, the vehicle was still being manufactured as right hand drive. Overall, there was the Ardea in four series, from the second series there was a 12V electrical system, starting from the third with a 5- speed transmission, and from the fourth with a newly developed aluminum engine block.

The comic book character Tim was drawn by Hergé as a driver of a Lancia Aprilia in " L'Or Noir" (and later the successor Lancia Aurelia in " L'Affaire Tournesol ").


Lancia Aprilia Berlina 1937

Lancia Aprilia Berlina 1939

Lancia Aprilia Berlina 1947

Lancia Aprilia Berlina 1947

Lancia Aprilia cabriolet