Lancia Prisma

Lancia Prisma (1982-1986)

The Lancia Prisma is an established end of 1982 passenger car model of the lower middle class from the Italian automobile manufacturer Lancia and introduced the notchback version of the Delta dar.

In the course of its construction, the car of five petrol engines (75 to 115 hp) and two diesel engines (65 and 80 hp) was driven.

Mid-1986 received the prism along with the Delta a discreet facelift. This wheel designs, interior and grille of that design line has been adjusted. The 1.6 -liter petrol engine was now available with electronic fuel injection, thus making 108 hp. The new 2.0 he also possessed four-wheel drive.

In April 1989, he was replaced by Dedra. This was available as opposed to the prism from mid-1994 as a station wagon.

Rear view