Lancia Dikappa

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The Lancia Dikappa is an automobile that was produced by Lancia from 1921 to 1922.

The Lancia Dikappa is the sporty version of the Lancia Kappa. The Kappa is an open four-seater Phaeton body, the Dikappa has a torpedo - body with an inclined windshield.

To keep the weight of the vehicle is low, the body skeleton was clad in walnut and acacia wood with aluminum sheet. The four-cylinder engine from the Kappa has been revised and provides from 4940 cc capacity up to 64 kW ( 87 hp) at 2300 rpm. This power gives the car a top speed of almost 130 km / h Lancia built 160 pieces of Dikappa. A higher number was prevented from all of the very high price of 80,000 lire.