Lancia Zeta

Lancia Zeta (1994-2002)

The Lancia Zeta was a van from Lancia, which was made in collaboration with PSA Peugeot Citroën of SEVEL in France. In addition to the Zeta the Eurovan was the same design also marketed as Peugeot 806, Citroën Evasion and Fiat Ulysse.


The Lancia Zeta was introduced in September 1994. The Eurovans were similar, although they had a longer wheelbase in dimensions to its main competitor the Renault Espace. However, these Eurovans were smaller than American vans, like the Chrysler Voyager, which is represented as a popular model in Europe. In contrast to the Espace and other European Vans had the Eurovans sliding doors for the rear. The seating configurations were two single seats in front and three individual removable seats in the middle row, along with optional two individual removable seats or a bench seat in the third row. So overall, they had up to eight seats.

The second generation of the Eurovan was offered as a Lancia Phedra from summer 2002 to autumn 2010.


According to the positioning of Lancia in Fiat group, the smaller engines were not offered the Lancia Zeta compared to the Fiat Ulysse.