Lancia Thesis

Lancia Thesis (2002-2009)

The Lancia Thesis is a four-door notchback sedan version of the Italian car manufacturer Lancia, which assigns the German Federal Motor Transport Office of the upper class.

  • 4.1 Coupé
  • 4.2 Stola S85


The thesis was on the study Lancia Dialogos from 1998 presented in autumn 2001 based as successor to the Lancia Kappa. The production started in the spring of 2002. However, the registrations of the Thesis remained in Germany back over the entire term behind those of the Kappa.

For sale beginning in early summer 2002, the thesis with three petrol engines (2.0 Turbosoft, 2.4 20V and 3.0 V6 24V) and one diesel ( 2.4 10V JTD ) was available. In May 2003, the three -liter V6 gasoline engine was replaced by a 3.2 liter large aggregate with 230 hp. At the same time appeared another diesel engine, which had a direct and here ( despite having the same engine capacity of 2.4 liters ) 175 bhp. In April 2006 this was raised in power and now had 185 hp and a diesel particulate filter. In addition, the six-speed manual transmission accounted for, which meant that the thesis was to order only with the five-speed automatic ComforTronic.

As of September 2007, only the 2.4 Multijet diesel ( 185 hp ) was left as the sole engine. Until 15 June 2009, the thesis could be ordered as a special model Ultima Edizione, then ended the production of the large sedan.

A successor with Chrysler technology was brought to market with the new Lancia Thema was not until November 2011.


The base price for the 2008 model year in Germany from only available Multijet diesel with 2.4 liters of displacement was € 48,900 in Emblema equipment and ended at 51 550 euros for the special models. In other European markets (eg in Austria ), the simpler Executive Facilities made ​​to order.

Standard equipment

By default the Thesis Emblema styles Elegant, automatic 3 -zone climate control with air distribution system, cruise control, a Bose sound system with six- disc CD changer, a multifunction display ( trip computer, system check, digital clock), bi-xenon headlamps has 16 -inch wheels heat protection glazing with tinted rear windows and an ESP with brake assist, ASR, MSR, ABS and eight airbags. The interior is upholstered with leather or Alcantara and has magnesium and wood inserts. From the rear allows the passenger seat and the sun visor is electrically adjusted.

The vehicle also had to equip themselves for an additional charge with a heater as well as with multi-stage heated and ventilated massage seats for all passengers (except middle seat back). Other features were the servo-electric opening doors and the boot lid also servo-electrically open.

Special equipment

  • CONNECT - Navigation system with RDS car radio with CD player, GSM phone, SOS function, speech recognition, and map display on a 7 -inch display
  • CID (Customer Identification Device ) - automatic driver recognition
  • Easy Entry & Exit - Entry relief by electric adjustment of seat and steering wheel
  • EPG (Enhanced Protective Glass) - weft discs safe
  • Sunroof with solar cells - operates without fuel the Lüftungs-/Heizungssystem
  • Skyhook - electronically controlled shock absorbers adapt to the driving situation

Special models

The two special models Centenario Centenario Elegant and Sportiva - presented as an anniversary edition for the 100th anniversary of the brand Lancia - were offered only with diesel engines. The following special equipment were available for last:

  • Centenario Sportiva: Poltrona Frau leather red
  • Interior applications Wenge wood
  • Metallic paint Donatello black or gray Palladio
  • Two-tone 18- inch alloy wheels
  • Elegant Centenario: Poltrona Frau leather natural colors
  • Interior applications made ​​of rosewood
  • Metallic Paint Rossini Grey
  • 17- inch alloy wheels
  • Ultima Edizione: Poltrona Frau leather Red or Beige
  • Metallic paint Donatello Black

Furthermore armored versions (B4 and B6) were available: Thesis Protecta

For the Pope, the Lancia Thesis Jubileo was manufactured. The car is extended in the rear side doors and has a large sunroof.


Gasoline engines:

  • 2.0l Turbo Soft: in-line five -cylinder with 1998 cc displacement and 136 kW/185 hp ( 03.2002-09.2007 )
  • 2.4L 20V: line five cylinder engine 2446 cm ² displacement and 125 kW/170 hp ( 03.2002-09.2007 )
  • 3.0L V6 24V: V- six-cylinder and 158 kW/215 hp ( 03.2002-05.2003 )
  • 3.2L V6 24V: V- six-cylinder engine with 3179 cc displacement and 169 kW/230 hp ( 05.2003-09.2007 )

Common - rail diesel engines:

  • 2.4L 10V JTD: in-line five -cylinder with 2387 cc displacement and 110 kW/150 hp ( 03.2002-12.2005 )
  • 2.4L 20V Multijet: in-line five -cylinder with 2387 cc displacement and 129 kW/175 hp ( 05.2003-03.2006 )
  • 2.4L 20V Multijet: in-line five -cylinder with 2387 cc displacement and 136 kW/185 hp ( 04.2006-06.2009 )


  • 6 -speed manual transmission ( from model year 2008 in Germany no longer available )
  • 5 - speed automatic transmission ComforTronic



Maggiora developed on behalf of a coupe version of the Lancia Thesis, which was at the Bologna Motor Show in 2002 as a study presented Gran Turismo Lancia, and was intended as a successor to the Lancia Kappa Coupé. To a production run, it did not come. Some important stylistic features are, however, recover later in the Lancia Delta.

Stola S85

At the Geneva Motor Show 2004 by 60 centimeters longer version was shown as Stola S85 from Turin coachbuilder stole. The 85 stands for the 85- year company anniversary stoles in 2004. The 5,488 -meter-long vehicle is painted in two colors, black and dark red and has in the interior over beige leather, wood trim and electrically adjustable rear seats. Facilities include a mini-bar with fridge and a Mulitmediasystem with GPS navigation, Internet access, fax machine and DVD system. Motorised is the study that could be ordered on request for about 150,000 euros, with the 3.2 -liter V6 engine from the production sedan, which 169 kW (230 hp), the 2030 kg heavy car in 9.2 seconds from 0-100 km / h accelerates and reaches a top speed of 230 km / hr.