Lancia Lambda

Lancia lambda

The Lancia Lambda was an automobile from the Italian manufacturer Lancia, which was unveiled at the 1922 Paris Motor Show. He was the first vehicle with a unibody construction and had independent suspension with hydraulic shock absorbers on the front of sliding sleeves. After the presentation of the Lancia Dilambda he was offered cheaper than this.

The lambda was equipped with a water-cooled four-stroke gasoline engine, the four -cylinder at an angle of 13 ° to 14 ° were each other depending on the year and were closed by a common cylinder head. The overhead camshaft is driven by a vertical shaft.

As of 1931, the production of lambda was set over ten thousand copies had been made ​​.



  • VR - four-cylinder
  • Displacement - 2570 cm ³ 2120 and
  • Compression - 4.8: 1
  • Power -37 to 51 kW
  • Speed ​​- 3250/3500/min
  • Transmission - 3 speed
  • Front suspension - Suspension of sliding sleeves, coil springs, hydraulic dampers
  • Rear axle - a rigid axle to the leaf springs, mech.Reibstoßdämpfer