Lancia 2000

2000 Lancia i.e. Berlina and Lancia 2000 HF Coupe

The Lancia 2000 is a vehicle of the upper middle class, which was produced by the late autumn of 1970 to the end of 1974. Lancia was after the takeover in 1969 at the time of start of production to Fiat.

The Lancia in 2000 based on the Lancia Flavia built since the fall of 1960. Here was (125 hp) with a difference (and hence the name), only the 2.0-liter engine as carburetor (115 hp) and injector.

Limousine ( Sedan )

With the design of the 2000 sedan the line of Flavia from November 1970 was continued and emphasized with its radiator grille, the Lancia tradition since the Aurelia. It originated in the Lancia styling department, headed by Pietro Castagnero, who also designed the Fulvia. The interior was luxurious with suede fabrics and wood inserts on the dashboard.

A standard, horizontal sliding curtain in the rear symbolized discretion, air conditioning was optional. The 2000 now had standard power steering and the 2- liter engine. The vehicle was driven on the front wheels.

The quality of the workmanship and the development of many details still corresponded well to the Lancia standard as the chassis. The Lancia typical boxer engine with two camshafts central regarded as durable and thus mileage over 300,000 km were normal.

From the spring of 1972 the petrol engine was fitted with a D -Jetronic from Bosch and made 125 hp. Despite their nominally low engine power the sedan offered good performance, not least because of the gear ratio used.

The limos were 4620 mm long, 1610 mm wide and 1440 mm high with a wheelbase of 2650 mm and weighed 1230 kg.

From 2000 14.500 copies were produced, of which 5500 were equipped with the Bosch D -Jetronic.



The Lancia 2000 Coupe was designed by Pininfarina and introduced in April 1971. Compared with the Flavia Coupe the front, rear and interior were changed. Particularly striking was the rear end in the so-called dovetail design which later also characterized the coupe of the Lancia Gamma. The engine had only a carburetor, then a mechanical injection system of ball fishermen.

In the spring of 1972 Lancia presented in Geneva is an RF version of the coupe before with the instruments of the Ferrari Daytona, an engine with Bosch D -Jetronic and super duplex brakes from Girling / Lucas.

The only manufactured in 1200 copies Coupé HF in 2000 is now under brand connoisseurs as one of the most beautiful and best processed models of Lancia.


The coupes were 4555 mm long, 1605 mm wide and 1340 mm high with a wheelbase of 2480 mm and weighed 1150 kg.

In December 1974, Lancia ceased production of the 2000 series. In March 1976 the successor gamma was presented.