Lancia Augusta

Lancia Augusta Berlina (1935 )

Lancia Augusta was an automobile manufacturer of Lancia. It was an intermediate model between the same engine midsize cars Lancia Artena and the high end model Lancia Astura and should make the simpler Fiat 508 competition.

The Augusta was manufactured in the parent plant, but also at a new plant in Bonneuil -sur -Marne, which had been built since 1931. In France, the model was sold as the Lancia Belna. A total of 17,217 vehicles were manufactured, of which 3000 vehicles in France, including 2,500 sedans and 500 as to build up to external coachbuilders, most of which went to Pourtout.

The sedan version was the first vehicle with self supporting frame with opposite opening doors.

Constructions of Pourtout

Lancia Belna Cabriolet

Lancia Belna Eclipse and Lancia Belna Roadstar