Lancia Trikappa

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The Lancia Trikappa is a car of Lancia, which was produced from 1922 to 1925.

The Lancia Trikappa is the first production car from Lancia, which was equipped with an eight-cylinder V-engine. The long-stroke ( bore: 75 mm, stroke 130 mm) engine has 4594 cc capacity and is very compact and short for his time. With a length of only 888 mm, it allows a short front. It delivers up to 72 kW ( 98 hp) at 2500 rpm. The eight cylinders are arranged in two rows at an angle of only 22 degrees ( other sources mention 14 degrees) and are covered by a common cylinder head. The valves are actuated by a centrally located in the cylinder head camshaft. The big car (wheelbase: 3384 mm) has a top speed of 130 km / h The Trikappa is one of the first Lancia with brakes on all four wheels.

827 pieces were produced by the luxury car with torpedo body.