Miss World

Miss World is the title of a chosen beauty queen, who is re- awarded since 1951 every year by a beauty contest. The candidates are selected in national competitions and after an elaborate media campaign, the most beautiful woman is chosen as queen for a year. The title is connected with numerous awards and at the same time obligations to the sponsors and donors of the competitions price.

Until 1988, the election was always held in London. 1981-2004 and continental beauty queens were determined, with the title Queen of before the name of the continent in the context of this event, for example, Queen of Europe.

As a show that rivals Miss World choice exists among other things, the election of Miss Universe. For male candidates, there are a choice opportunity to Mister World.

The country with the most wins is Venezuela with six winners. After India with five, the UK comes with four (if you win the British Helen Morgan 1974 not followed, several days later returned the items), as well as Iceland, Jamaica, Sweden and the USA, each with three.

From the German-speaking area come with two Austrians and two Germans four and three winners: Petra Schürmann ( Germany, 1956 ), Eva Rueber - Staier ( Austria, 1969), Gabriella Brum ( Germany, 1980, resignation after a day ), Ulla Weigerstorfer ( Austria, 1987).

End of September 2013 was the final round held in Bali (Indonesia).

Winners by nation