Norwegian parliamentary election, 1953

  • NKP: 3
  • DnA: 77
  • B: 14
  • KrF: 14
  • V: 15
  • H: 27

The parliamentary election in Norway 1953 was held on 12 October 1953. It was the election for the 46th Storting.

Previously, the right to vote had been modified with the aim of more accurately reflect the proportion of votes the parties on the allocation of seats. 1945 and 1949 the Labour Party had benefited in particular. 1953 had therefore despite electoral gains give mandates the Labour Party. The over-representation was not completely eliminated, so that their absolute majority remained in Parliament. Benefit could, however, the Communist Party ( NKP ), which returned despite a slight drop in support after four years of absence from Parliament.

According to the old allocation rules the Labour Party would have achieved 92 of 150 seats.

The number of parliamentary groups increased from five to six.

Election result