Oberwolfach is a municipality in Ortenaukreis in Baden-Württemberg, which was made famous by the Mathematical Research Institute Oberwolfach.

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Geographical Location

The health resort is located in Oberwolfach 270-948 meters above sea level in the middle of the Black Forest on the lower reaches of the Wolf River, a tributary of the Kinzig.

Neighboring communities

The municipality is bordered to the north by Bad Peterstal, to the east by Bad Rippoldsau- Schapbach in the district of Freudenstadt, on the south by the towns of West and Southwest Wolfach and to the west by Oberharmersbach.

Community structure

The municipality Oberwolfach includes the villages at the church and Walke, the settlement Grünach, the hamlet Battengott, ores Bach, Frohnbach, Gelbach, Grangat, Kurzbach, Rankach and Tiefenbach, the courtyards Hapbach, Landeck, Mitteltal, Sopra, Schwarzenbruch, Waldhans, Waldlehme and Zierle and the living space Untertal. The municipality is the village Outbound Tiefenbach.


1275 Oberwolfach was first mentioned in documents as Superioris Wolfach. 1409 it crops up as a top - Wolfach and 1482 as upper Wolfach. In addition, it was also used as veterinary Wolfach, Alt- Wolfach or - even today - referred Wolf Taler dialect as alde Wolfe.

The place belonged to the lords of Wolfach who had their domination in Wolftal, as well as in the Kinzig valley. Through marriage was the rule Wolfach 1291 already on the Princely House of Fürstenberg. These pledged the place in 1365 to the city of Wolfach and then to 1419 in Strasbourg families. Oberwolfach belonged to the Prince- Berg Oberamt Wolfach. 1806 coincided with this, as the entire Wolftal, the Grand Duchy of Baden.


The municipal administration of the independent community is housed in the Town Hall (built 1926) in the district of Walke. In the area of ​​tourism development and land use planning Oberwolfach works within an agreed management community along with the neighboring Wolfach.

Parish council

The local elections of 7 June 2009 was as follows:

  • FWG 73.2 % ( 12.5 ) - 9 seats ( 2)
  • CDU 26.8 % ( -12.5 ) - 3 seats (-2)

Culture and sights


  • The MiMa minerals and mathematics museum has a permanent exhibition minerals from the Black Forest and explains mathematical phenomena.


  • The parish church of St. Bartholomew is located in the center of the community part at the church and is a listed building. It is the work of Fürstenberg architect Franz Joseph Salzmann. Laying the foundation stone for the building was in 1755. The interior was built in the Rococo style with rich stucco ceiling. The main altar and side altars with baroque pillars constructions with Rocailleverzierung. The consecration took place 1762nd With great financial, time and effort the whole interior of the church by a ortsansäßigen operation was in the years 1982 to 1984 preserved, renovated and restored.
  • The Town Hall was built in Oberwolfach 1922-1926 by architect pride Hausach in historicist style. In the years 2001 and 2002 it was refurbished.
  • Castle ruins Wolfach
  • Ruin Walkenstein


The sports club Oberwolfach is the biggest club in the community and has nearly 1350 members. Main sport is football. Currently the club plays in the district league.

Economy and infrastructure

The main economic activities are agriculture and forestry, tourism, mining, and also ( in the Oberwolfach Clara mine is Barite mined ).

Furthermore, Oberwolfach is known world mineralogists as rich archaeological site of rare minerals.


In Oberwolfach there is a primary and secondary school with Werkrealschule as well as in the district Walke another elementary school. There are two Roman Catholic kindergartens in the city.

A special feature is the Mathematical Research Institute Oberwolfach, the " world's most important institutions of mathematical research " is one of the. The Institute awards the Oberwolfach Prize.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Luitgard of Wittichen (1291-1348), founder of the monastery Wittichen, lived in Oberwolfach 1303-1323
  • Johannes Groß (1879-1954), politician, member of the Reichstag

Associated with Oberwolfach personalities

  • William Threlfall (1888-1949), German mathematician, died in Oberwolfach
  • Martin Barner (* 1921), 1963-1994 Director of the Mathematical Research Institute
  • Sweet William (1895-1958), founder in 1944 of the Mathematical Research Institute