One More Time (band)

One More Time is a Swedish pop group. Band members are Peter Grönvall, Nanne Grönvall (born Nordqvist ) and Maria Rådsten; Thérèse Löf left the group already after a short time. Peter Grönvall is the son of Abba member, composer and keyboardist Benny Andersson and is married with Nanne Grönvall since 1994.

1992 conquered their first single Highland the top ten of more than ten European countries, in Belgium, the group was to "Band of the Year"; the album " Highland " reached gold status in South Africa. One More Time in 1996 represented their country Sweden in the Euro Vision Song Contest in Oslo with the ethno ballad The vilda and finished third. Overall, One More Time, published during its active period between 1992 and 1997 four albums and eleven singles. To date, the band has not officially separated, more publications are not completely ruled out.

Band History

Peter Grönvall and Nanne Nordqvist worked together since 1981, when Grönvall as a keyboardist joined Nordqvist's former rock band MTV. In 1984, the two together with Angelique Widengren the group " Sound of Music" and took part twice ( 1986 and 1987 Eldorado with Alexandra) at Melodifestivalen, the Swedish pre-decision to Euro Vision Song Contest. The group broke up 1988. 1989 they formed the band " Peter 's Pop Squad" whose members also belonged to Maria Rådsten. After separation of the group in 1991, the three formed the group "One More Time". With Therese Löf the quartet was finally complete.

The first single Highland was a great success, the single was in the top 10 in many European countries. Shortly after the release of the album Highland Therese Löf left the group. The remaining members decided to carry on to the third and continued their promotional tour through Europe continued. The balance could be seen: Gold status in South Africa, " Band of the Year " in Belgium. One More Time was also the first "western band" that occurred in the Czech Republic after its founding.

In 1994 the second album One More Time, but was unable to match the success of his previous album. 1995 approved the three new ways to go, participated as a songwriter at Melodifestivalen. The Ballad Det vackraste ( "The most beautiful " ), sung by Cecilia Vennersten took second place and was a great national achievement: He stormed No. 1 on the Swedish charts, received platinum status in Sweden and Norway and was named song of the year. Gone to the taste, One More Time took the following year with the ethno ballad The vilda ( " The Wild " ) even in part - and won the preliminary rounds.

When Euro Vision Song Contest 1996, held in Oslo, One More Time occupied by Ireland ( Eimear Quinn - The Voice ) and Norway ( Elisabeth Andreassen - I evighet ) in third place. The soon released album The vilda was the first album of the group in the Swedish language. 1997 published an English version of the album, the title song Living in a Dream is the English version of Cecilia Venner Tens hit Det vackraste. Living in A Dream is the last album to date One More Time; The group has so far not officially separated.

1998 Peter Grönvall wrote the soundtrack to the film adaptation of Astrid Lindgren " Kalle Blomqvist ". Nanne Grönvall began a successful solo career and is today one of the most popular singers in Sweden. Maria Rådsten retired from show business for a while, but could in 2003 with their debut single Head over Heels also scored a solo success. Occasionally, the two are still together occurred at Nordqvist's appearance at the music festivals 2003 Evig kärlek ( " Eternal Love " ) was Rådsten part of the background choir.