Eric Saade

Eric Saade Khaled ( born October 29, 1990 in Kattarp, Helsingborg) is a Swedish singer and television presenter. In 2011 he represented his country at the Euro Vision Song Contest with the song Popular English language. Since the end of August 2013 it has a dance school.

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  • 2.1.2 2011: participation in the Euro Vision Song Contest
  • 2.1.3 2011-2012: Tour and 3rd album Saade Vol 2
  • 2.1.4 Since 2013: Fourth studio album Forgive Me
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Eric Saade was born in 1990 in Kattarp outside of Helsingborg, the son of a Swedish mother and a Lebanese of Palestinian origin. His parents divorced when he was four years old. It is the second oldest of eight siblings and half-siblings. At thirteen, he began to write songs. He reached first attention as the winner of the Swedish music show Joker. Football was his greatest passion, before he signed his first music contract at fifteen.

Private life

Saade had a relationship with Swedish singer Molly Sandén. They lived together since the beginning of 2011 until their relationship 9 January 2012 officially ended.


Music career

2009-2010: The Beginning and first successes

Was published in 2009 with the song Sleepless the first single from Eric Saade, and only reached the 44th place in the Swedish single charts.

2010, Saade was trying for the first time at Melodifestivalen, the Swedish preselection for the Euro Vision Song Contest, and was third with the title Manboy. The still written by Frederik Kempe song reached the top of the Swedish charts and was certified platinum. After the competition, he was named one of five members of the Swedish jury for the Euro Vision Song Contest 2010 and was allowed to announce the results of the Swedish audience and judges in the finals.

In May, the debut album of the artist was released. Masquerade could climb to second place in the Swedish album charts and was awarded a gold record. In the summer he toured with his Masquerade tour of Sweden. Saade gave 23 concerts.

2011: Participation in the Euro Vision Song Contest

The following year, he joined again at the popular Melodifestivalen, this time with the written also by Frederik Kempe song Popular. After he won the first round sovereign for himself, he also won the final of the competition with 54 points ahead of second placed Danny Saucedo and thus solved the ticket to the Euro Vision Song Contest 2011, to be set after the victory of the German singer Lena in 2010 Dusseldorf occurred. In the run- acted as one of the favorites to win, he was initially the second semi-final with 155 points to decide for himself and ended up in the finals of the event behind the Azerbaijani duo Ell and Nikki and the Italian Raphael Gualazzi with 185 points in third place. It was the best Swedish placement in the competition since the victory of Charlotte Nilsson in 1999.

Saade won with Popular then the charts in several European countries, including Germany, Austria and the UK.

2011-2012: Tour and 3rd album Saade Vol 2

In June 2011, Saade released in Sweden the song Hearts in the Air, which was also the rapper J- Son is involved. The title could climb to second place in the Swedish charts. In the summer he toured with his Made Of Pop Tour through Sweden. This ended in August 2011 in Stockholm to 22 concerts.

In November 2011, the third album of the singer already appeared. The first single from the album Hotter than Fire is a collaboration with Dev and appeared on November 2, 2011 in Sweden.

In April 2012 he published together with Tone Damli the song Imagine, which debuted at number nine of the Norwegian charts. Also in the Swedish charts he was to be found. There the single for one week reached the 49th place. Furthermore, the singles Marching Show ( In The Name Of Love ) and Miss Unknown, unfortunately they could climb no place in the Swedish single charts. In Norway, in December 2012 he published his first best-of album Deluxe, were included in the Marching and Imagine.

In the spring of 2012, he toured with his third tour, the " Pop Explosion Tour" in Sweden. After 15 successful concerts, he published in November 2012 his first concert DVD and live album from last Pop Explosion concert in Stockholm.

Since 2013: Fourth studio album Forgive Me

In May 2013, the Single Winning Ground the official song of the UEFA European Women appeared in 2013. Few days earlier appeared Saades first official single from the album Coming Home from his fourth studio album Forgive Me, which was released on 28 August 2013. After the tracklist of Forgive Me was published, MissUnknown was the first single because this song made ​​it onto the album. To promote the Coming Home EP, Saade toured in the summer of 2013 for the fourth time in Sweden and Norway. Despite his Coming Home tour, the single missed the singles charts. In August 2013 Saade coupled together with A - Lee from the single Flashy from Forgive Me. Forgive Me was also able to reach the top position on the album charts, but failed to match the previous albums.


Saade in 2009 hosted the show My Camp Rock on the Disney Channel Sweden and moderated the talent show Julia Stjärnskott. Eric Saade interviewed at 16 at the Swedish Disney Channel the Hollywood actor Zac Efron.

2013 Eric has support as a moderator of the Green Room of the main presenter Petra Mede the Euro Vision Song Contest 2013.

Musical development

While the debut album Masquerade rather had pop and rock elements, the second album Saade Vol 1 was dominated by dance songs. From Saade Saade Vol 2 first wrote their own songs and the album contained more pop songs. In 2012, Saade changed his style radically. The new songs were a mix of pop and hip -hop songs.

Saade told in the interview that the fourth studio album Forgive Me has a different style than its predecessors. He is, according to Eric Saade, personal and tells of their own experience he had after breaking up with Molly Sandén. Although the extractions of the album, such as "Coming Home", not the Swedish charts reached, the song and the EP meets with great approval in many European countries.


Studio albums


  • 2010: Masquerade Tour
  • 2011: Made Of Pop Concert Tour
  • 2012: Pop Explosion Concert Tour
  • 2013: Coming Home Tour

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