S.P.A.L. 2013

The Società Sportiva Poli Ars et Labor, 1907, abbreviated SPAL is an Italian football club from Ferrara, a city in the Emilia-Romagna region.

The club's colors are white and blue. The club name translated means sports club (Italian Società Sportiva Poli ) skill and labor (Latin Ars et Labor ). As the stadium Stadio Paolo Mazza, the club serves, it can accommodate 19,000 spectators. In the 2010/11 season, the club plays in the third- highest division of Italian professional league, the Lega Pro Prima Divisione. The nickname of the team loud Spallini and Biancazzurri.


The club played in 1921 for the first time first-class, first in the regional championship of Emilia, and later in the Northern League. After the descent 1926, the club missed in 1930 also qualified for the newly created series B. It was not until 1933 reached the summit in the second division, from the one in 1936 but relegated again. In the season 1938/39, they managed to return, but ended with the immediate re descent.

After the Second World War SPAL played since 1945 in the now extensive series as 36 teams in 1951 succeeded the league title and thus the promotion to the Serie A. In the first two years in secure positions reach midfield.

In the season 1953/54, SPAL played against relegation and finished the round on points with Udinese Calcio and Palermo in 15th place, so that the playoffs were necessary to determine the three teams from the Tabellensiebzehnten and relegated. After Udinese played draw against the other two teams, SPAL managed a 2-1 win against Palermo, which meant relegation for SPAL the league and U.S. Palermo.

In the following season SPAL occupied the relegation zone, but the Lizenzentzüge Udinese and Catania Calcio meant relegation. The club finished in the following years, positions in the midfield, in 1960, the season was even in fifth place, level on points with FC Bologna ended and Calcio Padova. 1964 ended the season in 17th place in the table and SPAL were relegated to Serie B.

SPAL succeeded in third place of the second division of the immediate revival and could get in Serie A, one point ahead at relegated Sampdoria the class. 1968 had the club again leave the Serie A relegated, it was followed by the direct descent in the C series

Only in 1973 was followed for SPAL the promotion back to the second division from which the club relegated again in 1977. However, the team managed its chances of promotion. By 1982, the class could be obtained, then it went to the third-rate Serie C1. In 1989, the transition in the Viertklassigkeit, the Serie C2.

1991 could leave the Serie C2 upwards again and even managed to march through in the series B. There, however, lacked a point to avoid relegation and the club played again in Serie C1 SPAL. There failed in the following years until the relegation matches the resurgence. 1997 SPAL lost in the relegation play for the descent into the C2 series and had to return to the Viertklassigkeit. As masters tried and failed to re- ascent.

SPAL played until 2005 in Serie C1. Due to irregularities in the balance sheet SPAL was condemned to relegation to the Serie C2, where the club played until 2008. According to an eleventh (2006) and a third place ( 2007) the 2008 team fourth, however, was divided on the basis of Lizenzentzügen some teams the third- highest division in the newly-founded and Serie C1 replaced third-rate Lega Pro Prima Divisione, in which they appear in the Girone 2009 A sixth and 2010 in Girone B won the seventh place. 2010/11 in the Girone it occurs at A.

Former Players

Former coach

  • Italy Angelo Alessio
  • Massimiliano Allegri Italy
  • Italy Fioravante Baldi
  • Italy Paolo Beruatto
  • Italy Salvatore Bianchetti
  • Italy Ottavio Bianchi
  • Italy Gianni De Biasi
  • Italy Giacomo Blason
  • Italy Ottavio Bugatti
  • Italy Giancarlo Cella
  • Italy Tito Corsi
  • Italy Giancarlo Danova
  • Italy Aldo Dolcetti
  • Italy Giovan Battista Fabbri
  • Italy Luigi Ferrero
  • Italy Massimo Gadda
  • Italy Giovanni galleon
  • Italy Vincenzo Guerini
  • Hungary Armand Halmos
  • Italy Antonio Janni
  • Italy Luciano Magistrelli
  • Italy Alfredo Magni
  • Italy Bruno Maini
  • Italy Rino Marchesi
  • Italy Giuseppe Marchi
  • Italy Francesco Mattuteia
  • Italy Paolo Mazza
  • Italy Ferruccio Mazzola
  • Italy Egidio Notaristefano
  • Italy Battista Rota
  • Italy Umberto Pinardi
  • Italy Euro Riparbelli
  • Italy Gaetano Salvemini
  • Italy Nello Santin
  • Italy Alessandro Scanziani
  • Italy Giovanni Seghedoni
  • Spain Luis Suárez
  • Italy Paolo Tabanelli
  • Italy Giuseppe Ticozzelli
  • Italy Giorgio Veneri
  • Italy Stefano Vecchi