Vlastimil Hort

Vlastimil Hort ( born January 12, 1944 in Kladno ) is a Czech- German chess player who has only played for Czechoslovakia, since 1986 in Germany.


Hort graduated with a focus on foreign trade. In Leipzig in 1960 for the first time he took part in a Chess Olympiad. In 1965, he won the title of Grand Master. Interzonal in Sousse 1967 Hort was ranked 6th in 1970 it was used for the competition USSR against the rest of the world on board 4. The national championship of Czechoslovakia he won in 1970, 1971, 1972, 1975, 1977 and 1984. Quarter-final of the qualifying competition for the World Chess Cup 1978 Hort defeated in 1977 against Boris Spassky Reykjavik just with 7,5:8,5. In the 15th game he lost in a clear winning position timed out and could not compensate for this unfortunate defeat in the last game. Hort's best historical Elo rating was 2725th This he reached in July 1977. From January to July 1977, he was several times in 7th place in the world rankings.

Hort moved to Germany in 1979 and joined the chess Bundesliga club SG Porz, where he played until 2000. He kept the Czechoslovak citizenship, won the 1982 Grand Masters tournament of the Dortmund Chess Days with Czechoslovakia and the silver medal at the Chess Olympiad in Lucerne. Hort took part in a total of 14 chess Olympiads, eleven times for Czechoslovakia (1960 in Leipzig to the Chess Olympiad 1984 in Thessaloniki ) and three times for Germany (1988 in Thessaloniki, 1990 in Novi Sad, 1992 in Manila ). In the individual competition, he received 1972 silver on first board and 1962 bronze third of board

After Hort had taken German citizenship in late 1986, he won in 1987, 1989 and 1991, the German championship. In 2006 he was Senior World Champion in Chess960 in Mainz. Hort plays at Oberhausen chess club 1887. He is married to third wife, Brigitte hoard and has a son Daniel ( b. 1967 ). This remained in Czechoslovakia. Hort introduced in 1977 in Reykjavík a world record in blind chess on. He is also up to now (2009 ) a very good simultaneous players; In 1985 he set a record for the Guinness Book at a simultaneous exhibition against 636 opponents. Hort was also known to be very good, sometimes humorous commentator for the chess program "Chess Grand Master " in the television program of the WDR on the side of Helmut Pfleger. According to Hort, a system for distribution of prize money in tournaments is named, the Hort system.


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