The Ykkönen is the second highest league in the league pyramid of the Finnish football. Since the First Division, the highest division of the country is self- organized, the Ykkönen the top division of the Finnish Football Association Suomen Palloliitto dar.


In the Ykkönen that is played within the calendar year, 10 teams compete. Each team enters a home-and -away three times against the competing teams. After 27 days of play table first advance to the first-class First Division. The two last-place teams in the Ykkönen descend into the four shared third-rate Kakkonen and are replaced by two determined in play-off games climbers.

Teams in 2014

In the 2014 season the following teams will take part in the Ykkönen:

History of the second division

First time in 1936 an official second division under the name Suomensarja was established in Finland, in the region in two seasons, the newly promoted to the first division were determined. Two years later, the number of teams doubled the scales from two to four parallel from 13 to 26 and. In 1939 there was a further fragmentation before was adjusted due to the war of competition. Was limited in the following years will be played and the league was often before any games were played over.

From 1945 ordered game mode found in the Finnish football again held in 1946 initially with 16 clubs in two seasons in autumn / spring rhythm. 1948 we were turned back to the calendar year, doubling the number of teams. By 1950, the number of clubs was gradually reduced to 20 teams. In 1958 a further reform took place, the number of seasons was increased to three and the number of teams increased in the following years to 36. The principle of the three seasons was continued until 1972, the number of teams and the ascent mode varied, however: In 1969 there were playoffs for promotion, since now the third last of the first division in the relegation competing against the three season winners and in 1970 played for one season 40 teams second-rate.

After a league reform following the 1972 season to the second division was combined to form a squadron with twelve teams. As a result, the top two teams went on. In 1979 the ascent mode has been changed: The top four teams in the second and the four last placed the first league played in the league mode once each against each other for relegation and promotion, the eight remaining teams in the second division determined analogously relegated. 1984, this regulation was withdrawn and a qualification game for the second- to second-bottom of the first division introduced in addition to the master, who rose directly before one in 1993 for one season returned back to this regulation, since both First Division and second division increased by two teams were.

1996, the second division was split into two squadrons, each with ten teams before 2003 again a single-track second division was introduced. Here, the valid mode to 2010 with direct ascent of the Master and relegation match of the second-placed team was introduced to the second-bottom of the First Division. In the two following years the number of teams has been gradually reduced, so meet since 2012 ten teams in three rounds.