Zelenodolsk, Russia

Selenodolsk (Russian Зеленодольск; Tatar Яшел Үзән / Yäşel Üzän ) is a city in Russia in the Republic of Tatarstan. It lies on the north bank of the Volga River, 38 km west of the capital of Republic of Kazan, and has 97 674 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


Selenodolsk was founded on the territory of the Chechen draw Saxon village of Europe. In 1865 this place was mentioned under the name Kabatschischtschi. Since 1897 the village Paratski Saton ( Paratsk ) was called. From 1928 to the settlement was called Seljony Dol ( Зелёный Дол ), from which then developed the present name, which got the place in 1932 simultaneously with the town charter.


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Of significance for the city, the wood processing, furniture manufacturing and the clothing industry. Since 1895 here is an important shipbuilding location. In the vicinity of Selenodolsk there are several climatic health resorts, agriculture also plays an important role.


Selenodolsk has a branch of the Kazan State University and a specialist school for mechanical engineering and a medical vocational school, several private higher education institutions and vocational school for shipbuilding.

The city has 24 general education schools, where the majority of which bear the name of high school or secondary school.


21 km away from Selenodolsk there is a Mother of God Monastery. The city itself has three cultural centers, which feature large viewing rooms. These are equipped with stages and orchestra pits. There is also a cultural institution in the Mirny area for young people, in several dance and theater groups are accommodated.

The city also has youth sports school, youth art school and a music school. The population are also several libraries ( the two houses of culture, the city government and several branch libraries ) are available.

In the city a Museum of History and Ethnography are available. In addition, you can visit the Museum of Gorky Ship Factory. The secondary school number 3 has a Museum of Cosmonautics. In the museum, numerous copies of the aircraft is provided, as part of the cosmonauts equipment.

Not far from the town, located on a Volga Island, the Swijaschsk Monastery can be visited, whose buildings are important examples of Russian architecture.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Larissa Djadkowa ( b. 1955 ), opera singer