Menselinsk (Russian Мензелинск; Tatar Минзәлә / Minzələ ) is a city in the Republic of Tatarstan (Russia) with 16,476 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The city is located about 290 km east of the Republic capital Kazan on the left bank of the Menselja far from his former estuary in the Ik, which, however, is here since the late 1980s, together with the Kama Nischnekamsker the reservoir.

Menselinsk is the administrative center of the homonymous Rajons.


Menselinsk was 1652-1656 ( according to other data already from 1584 to 1586 ) as a fortified settlement on the River Menselja, after which it was named. End of the 17th century it was the most important fortress in the course of Kamalinie at the former border of the Tsardom Russia. There are indications that in the days of the Volga Bulgarian Kingdom was a settlement here ( before the 12th century ).

1781 was the place the municipal law as an administrative center of a circle ( Ujesds ) of the government of Ufa


Note: Census data (1926-1939 rounded)

Culture and sights

Here are a history and local history museum and a memorial museum in 1970 furnished for the Tatar poet Musa Cälil who stayed here in 1941.


The city's economy is dominated by the food industry and the timber industry. The city is the center of an agricultural region.


  • Hamit Zübeyir Koşay (1897-1984), Turkish archaeologist
  • Rustam Tariko (* 1961), Russian " oligarch "