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Heads of State · obituary

Year of the Metal Rat庚子(at the beginning of Earth Pig己亥)

Era of Diocletian 715/716

Syria: 1311/12 ( the year in October )


  • 31 December: end of the first millennium of the Christian era and the 10th century

Politics and World Affairs


  • Leif Eriksson wintered on an expedition from Greenland starting in Vinland, the previously sighted by Bjarni Herjulfsson country, on the east coast of the continent, where he founded the settlement probably Leifsbudir. Among the crew is also the German -born Leif's foster father with the traditional in the Grænlendinga saga name Tyrkir.


  • February / March: Act of Gniezno: establishment of the ecclesiastical province of Gniezno and rank increase Boleslaw by Otto III.
  • MAY 9: The Venetian Doge Pietro II Orseolo defeated the Dalmatian pirates in the Adriatic, thus fixes the supremacy of Venice in the region. Festa della Sensa With the thought is even centuries later in Venice this event.
  • Duke Stephen of Hungary sends the abbot Astricus ( Anastasius ) from the wake Adalbert of Prague to Pope Sylvester II, with the request after the granting of royal dignity. This concern is supported by the German Emperor Otto III. , Which is related to Stephan and is at the same time in Rome. Anastasius finally brings the coronation regalia with back to Hungary and later bishop of Gran ( Esztergom ) appointed, the head of the Hungarian National Church. The coronation of Stephen by a papal envoy on 17 August in Gran associated with the installation of this country church and probably also with the donation of the Kingdom of Hungary to the Pope, which returns it to it as a fief to Stephan. This step is analogous to the creation of the Kingdom of Poland, to secure his family in the reign of Stephen and the continuity of the throne.
  • SEPTEMBER 9: Battle of Svold between Danes ( under Sven Forkbeard ) and Sweden ( Olof Skötkonung below ), supported by renegade among Norwegians Erik Håkonsson, who wanted to avenge the death of his father Håkon Jarl, on the one hand, and Christian Norwegians (with Olav Tryggvason ) on the other side
  • Sancho III. governed to 1035 on the Kingdom of Navarre and the County of Aragon.

Ersturkundliche mentions

  • First mention of Oedingen, Elspe Rethmar, Wasenweiler and Vinnen


  • APRIL 30: The monastery Helmarshausen (Hessen ) is replaced by the emperor to mint money.


  • 1000: The poem De Heinrico arises.


Historic maps and views

Largest cities of the world in the year 1000


  • At the beginning of the century: Anund Jacob, King of Sweden († 1050)
  • 1000: Adalbert of Bremen, Archbishop of Bremen and Hamburg ( † 1072 )
  • 1000: Berthold I, the Bearded, Duke of Carinthia and Margrave of Verona ( † 1078 )
  • 1000: Michael I, Patriarch of Constantinople Opel († 1059 )


  • Before 13 April. March Warden III, Margrave of Carinthian Mark an der Mur
  • MAY 17: Ramwod, abbot of St. Emmeram Monastery
  • SEPTEMBER 9: Olav Tryggvason, I., King of Norway ( * 968 )
  • Garcia II, King of Aragon and Navarre