Amravati district

The district Amravati (formerly Amraoti; Marathi: अमरावती जिल्हा ) is one of 35 districts in the state of Maharashtra in India. The city of Amravati is the administrative center of the district. The last census in 2011 showed a total population of 2,888,445 people.


From pre-Christian times to the year 1345, the area was - as the whole region - ruled by various Buddhist and Hindu rulers. The first known state was the Mauryan Empire, the last non-Muslim dynasty were the Gond. After decades of military conflict with Muslim rulers in northern India took place in 1345 occupation by Muslim soldiers. After that prevailed until the year 1724 various Muslim dynasties ( Sultanate of Delhi, Bahmani, Deccan sultanates and the Mughals Gross ). Although officially still part of the Great Mughal Empire was effective from 1724 to 1818 ruled by the Maratha Bhonsle dynasty. Then it fell to the Nizam of Hyderabad and belonged until 1853 to the State of Hyderabad. Then there was British managed as part of the province of Berar and was named District East Berar. This was in 1903 part of the province of Central Provinces and Berar. In 1864, the Wun district split (then known as Southeast Berar ) from. Another part of the district was formed in 1867 from the district Ellichpur. This, however, was reintegrated in 1905. With the independence of India in 1947 and the reorganization of the country in 1950 was part of the new state of Madhya Pradesh. In 1956, the Indian state was divided and the area came to Bombay State. This state was also dissolved in 1960 and the district Amravati part of the new Indian state of Maharashtra.


The urban population accounts for 35.91 percent of the total population. A clear vast majority of the population are Hindus. The Buddhists and Muslims are significant minorities. In 2001, of 2.60716 million inhabitants 1,883,148 Hindus ( 72.23 per cent), Buddhists 350 403 ( 13.44 percent) and 347,250 Muslims ( 13.32 percent).

Significant places

Strongest town inhabitants of the district is the capital Amravati. Other important cities with a population of more than 20,000 people are Achalpur, Anjangaon, Warud, Morshi, Daryapur ( Banosa ) Shendurjana and Dattapur Dhamangaon.