Bernhard Kohl

Austrian road champion 2006   Winners mountain jersey Tour de France 2008 ( withdrawn )   Third overall Tour de France 2008 ( withdrawn )

Bernhard Kohl (born 4 January 1982 in Vienna ) is an Austrian former road bicycle racer and current entrepreneurs.

He drove in his first professional years 2005 and 2006 for the T -Mobile team, previously he was with the Rabobank Junior Team. 2007 and 2008 coal was engaged in the Gerolsteiner team, from 2009, he should have gone for the Belgian team Silence-Lotto, but has been blocked due to doping at the 2008 Tour de France in November 2008 for two years. In May 2009, he finished his career as a professional cyclist.

In February 2010, Bernhard Kohl opened a bike shop in Vienna.


After he won as an amateur the overall standings of the Tour des Pyrénées for in 2004, Kohl had in his first year as a professional start-up problems and only minor successes. His greatest achievement this year was the 7th overall at the Tour of Austria. In addition, carbon was third in the international wheel criterion in Gmünd.

At the end of the season he played with the Vuelta a España in 2005 his first three-week tour.

Carbon reached after a good spring of 2006 the 12th place overall at the Tour of California and the Basque Country Tour and was overall Nineteen of the Tour de Romandie. In addition, carbon managed a 3rd place in the overall standings to jump on the podium of belonging to the Pro Tour Tour Critérium du Dauphiné Libéré. Kohl was Austrian champion in the road race and Glocknerkönig and fifth overall at the Tour of Austria, underlining its status as one of the greatest hopes for the Austrian sport of cycling.

In the Vuelta a España 2006, he was captain of his former teams T -Mobile. On the ninth stage he taxed on an exit at Puerto de San Lorenzo and hurled at 60 km / h over a guardrail 10 m down the slope. Cabbage, eighth in the standings at this time, had to end prematurely after a pulmonary contusion was diagnosed with the tour.

After a few days of rest he prepared himself still in pain on his next climax before, the road Cycling Championships 2006 in Salzburg. The " home World Cup " ended prematurely after a long carbon leadership.

The 2007 season, which denied cabbage for the Gerolsteiner team, began for him with the Tour of California. He used it as a training in competitive conditions and ended the tour on the 32nd. Furthermore finished cabbage " Tasting Tour de France ", Dauphiné Libéré, on the 13th place overall. At the Tour de France he could occupy the 30th place.

In the 2008 Tour de France he reached his fourth best place in the 10th stage. On 20 July 2008, he sat down the first Austrians in the history of the tour to the top of the mountains classification in the Tour. This guidance he could defend to the end of the tour. The Tour de France itself, he finished in third place overall. All his results of the 2008 Tour de France have been canceled due to doping.


On 13 October 2008 announced the French sports daily L' Equipe that carbon as well as his Gerolsteiner teammate and Tour- door neighbor Stefan Schumacher at the follow-ups of the Tour de France doping tests by the French anti -doping agency AFLD positive effect on the EPO CERA doping agents was tested. This was confirmed the following day by the National Anti -Doping Agency Austria ( NADA) and on 15 October 2008 by Kohl himself during a press conference. On 24 November 2008, he has been banned after a hearing by the NADA for 2 years, and its results of the 2008 Tour de France have been canceled.

The following year, loaded shortly after the statements of the triathlete Lisa Hütthaler to backers and details about their doping allegations also carbon his former manager Stefan Matschiner. Matschiner was convicted in October 2010 for attempted blood doping and the dissemination of banned substances to some conditional sentence of 15 months. On 25 May 2009 in Vienna Kohl announced his retirement from cycling. He 'll even after his suspension incur no more races. In the ARD program Beckmann he founded on the same day for his resignation as not to want to be part of a doping system again and claimed to have doped throughout his career since the age of 20.

In June 2010, the Vienna public prosecutor's office announced that the criminal case against carbon is set. While standing for the Prosecution no question that carbon, as he had stood, along with Michael Rasmussen and the cross-country skier Christian Hoffmann had participated in the purchase of a blood centrifuge Matschiner, but the three athletes were after entry into force of the Austrian anti-doping law in August 2008 " no contribution actions " prove to blood doping. Shortly after the NADA announced its decision. The mature because of the large number of violations lifelong additional barrier to the already imposed two years has been reduced due Kohl's comprehensive confession to four years, making a start authorization is again from July 4, 2014.


Carbon married in 2010 to his longtime girlfriend Tatiana. 2011 was their daughter Mariella to the world.


  • Tour des Pyrénées
  • Austria Austrian Champion Road


  • Golden Rathausmann the City of Vienna
  • Golden Ring of Honour in the wine community Wolkersdorf quarter ( has now returned voluntarily from cabbage)

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