A casino (also casino or casino ) is a public institution, is operated in the state- licensed gambling.

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The word " casino " comes from the Venetian and originally the private rooms, the Venetian nobles were talking near the Doge's Palace to where to invest their robes of office, with which it to the meeting of the Great Council or as an official person to the commission and government bodies had to appear. Soon these premises were also used as places of sociability and a synonym for gambling or casino. Even small buildings on the Venetian Terraferma in the country seats were so designated. The word " casino " really just means "little house ", and therefore the same as " Ridotto " = Palazzo reduto. Casini were used for various purposes, not only as places of amusement. Giacomo Casanova lived at rented by him or entrusted to him by his patrons Casini, as we know from his memoirs ( "Histoire de ma vie" ).

The so-called Ridotto (San Marco 1362 ) - - 1638, the first public casino Venice was at the Palazzo Dandolo opened; Mid-17th century there were already over 100 The gambling houses were in Venice by private individuals - mostly Venetian Nobilhomini - operated, but needed a kind of official license. It was until 1797, but also venues or - shacks that were quasi entertain illegal. As the Ridotto was closed on November 27, 1774 in an attack purist forces, the absence of strangers was felt immediately, calculates an anonymous memorandum: 30,000 masks were sold less, which is estimated at a loss of 600,000 lire. There 'll also be a drop in sales in the textile industry, with the gondoliers, the innkeepers. " Suffice it ", thus closing the Scripture, " when I say that over thirty factories without employment. " But so severe the effects may not have been, because after the closure of the Ridotto caused notably in cafes more casinos than before. At the end of the Republic in 1797 there were 136 Now there is in Venice only (since 1945) the casinos in the Palazzo Vendramin - Calergi on the Grand Canal.

An institutionalization of gambling took place since the 18th century throughout Europe in the residential towns, in spas and health resorts, carnivals, fairs and aristocratic balls.

Since 1170 the first gambling According to historical sources was held in Venice in the open air, especially in times of the Venetian carnival. The first licensed playhouses were in 14-15. Century to be found in Holland and Flanders. The first German playhouse was found in 1396 in Frankfurt am Main. 1638 was the Venetian " Ridotto " first exclusive Luck venue. 1720, the first casino was founded in German lands in Bad Ems. 1763 was opened at the Spa " Redoute ", which developed in the near future to one of the biggest gambling cities. With the French Revolution, but all casinos were closed. Thus, the German states were the center of gamblers, especially the casinos in Aachen and Baden -Baden ( 1824). In 1841, the French Francois and Louis Blanc Blanc succeeded with the creation of the casino of Bad Homburg vor der Höhe from the Double Zero, so the Bad Homburg Casino the most successful gambling this time was. Dostoevsky wrote in 1866 in Bad Homburg, the two novels The player and Babushka Countess Sophie Kisselev.

1863 François Blanc took over the Casino of Monte Carlo, eventually the "world capital of luxury and gambling " was. This fusion of gaming and art and entertainment has been around 100 years later as a model from Las Vegas. 1942 Opened in Las Vegas 's first casino named " El Rancho ". After the casinos in Nevada were first laid in the hands of the Mafia, the band gave way business in the 1960s increasing the shareholder management.

In Germany 1871-1933 was officially a gambling ban.



Arcades in which only slot game is offered, are often confused in Germany with casinos, but they are to be denied by law the term casino in Austria, however, the term casino is exclusively equated with casinos. However, gambling devices within licensed casinos are in Germany not valid for game rooms SpielVO, so its not those limits, but the individual country legislation. Licensed casinos be subject to a permanent control by tax authorities ( physical presence of tax officials / technical monitoring / daily settlement ) and feature access control ( visitors register, door security) as well as a nationwide lockout system for gambling vulnerable people (OSD).

Game offer

In essence, the gambling roulette and blackjack are offered, the resonance of the guests shaft accordingly if necessary extended by the classic card games Baccarat and different types of poker, the course is led by croupiers or dealers. The players set according to established rules of the game, either with money or with before the game against money is exchanged tokens, called tokens or chips.

In addition, also offer casinos on the slot machine, often referred to as Little game.


In principle, only persons of full age have a valid identity document access to a casino (the age may vary in some countries, eg in the USA at least 18 or 21, sometimes even until 25 years, in Germany depending on the province from 18 or 21). In addition, care is taken in reputable stores usually on a well-groomed appearance. Historically best was a residence ban, that is, a ban on the inhabitants of the place in which the casino is located, to participate in the game mode.


Most casinos attach importance to etiquette, the observance particular traditional houses in Austria, France and Germany in the eighth. Also, guests shaft of the new casinos in Switzerland is subject to upon entering the establishment in many houses of a dress code. While in Switzerland, apart from rigid rules and the overall appearance of the persons participating in the game will take a close look, many of the Austrian and German casinos still prescribed based on the individual items of clothing, such as the obligation of the gentlemen of wearing pleated trousers, jackets, ties or Flying on shirt collars, the prohibition of sports and work shoes, headgear and the imperative, women in jeans or to sporty outfit to refuse entry.

It is left to the guests who prefer the classic eveningwear the sporty dress, so fads like cargo pants and leggings are approved at best in some Kurcasinos and gaming rooms on the coasts.


The management of a casino player can temporarily stop the game by saying the ban from the house at the local level in the game or in the long term and coverage by the so-called blocking. A ban is (for example, pathological gambling, or in the case of the discovery of a threat to the economic conditions ) or for reasons of viability of affected players spoken mostly for reasons that can be found in the person of the player themselves by their behavior within the guest shaft. An issued ban needs no justification to those affected. The lockout, however, includes the exclusion from participation in gambling on the casino aussprechende addition, in all the power of devices connected to the relevant information, the blocking licensee for public gambling in Europe. The lockout of players must be notified under omission of the reasons in a complicated process of gambling by individual entering the relevant personal data to the casino, as the management of a database with access rights for all connected licensee of the public gambling would be contrary to European data protection regulations. The reason for revocation, however, must for the person involved legally justified and thus hold water due to its scope; typically include tape play and fraud (especially fraud game ), or attempt this, the most common reasons, as well as other criminally relevant circumstances, as well as blatant, willful violations of the rules of the games provider. In addition, players can be locked from administrative bodies or let self-protection reasons, lock themselves communally, nationally or internationally to any legitimate interest of the public. In Nevada, players, when they are excluded from all casinos, registered in the so-called Black Book.

Taxation and suspicion of money laundering

Gambling winnings are tax free, so it may be associated with black money and money laundering. According to the Federal Criminal Police suspected that casinos used for money laundering. There are countless ways to use casinos for money laundering; this can consist to use for players, for example, in the exhibition of checks from the casino or in the opening game of capital accounts.

The Financial Intelligence Unit of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA / FIU ) presented in the 2003 Annual Report on page 12 on this issue stated: " Despite the far -spreading assumption of the use of casinos for money laundering activities of the FIU only one suspicious activity report was in 2003 by casinos reported. " in comparison, in the U.S. casinos and card clubs have passed in 2003 a total of 5095 suspected money laundering reports.

The high tax revenue from gambling dampen the political will to prevent money laundering in the crucial field in casinos circulation of capital more effectively by legal means.

In the report to the 174th session of the permanent conference of interior ministers of the countries of 8 July 2004 in Kiel, the Federal Ministry of the Interior expressed concern about the inadequate implementation of the money laundering in casinos. "As part of a survey in 2003, the Federal Ministry of the Interior has, however, expressed about the strikingly low number of Ersthinweisen among others in the field of casinos in the years 1998-2002 doubt as to the adequate implementation of the money laundering legislation in these areas. "

In the annex to the annual report 2003-2004, the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF ) drew attention to gaps in the rules to combat money laundering in Germany. Specifically, criticized the FATF in Annex C that is lacking in Germany at special penalties for cases in which was omitted to inform the authorities about suspicious money laundering transactions. This criticism has not yet responded.

Since June 15, 2003, all EU Member States have to transpose the Second Money Laundering Directive ( Directive 2001 /97) into national law. In the Second Money Laundering Directive casinos also are recognized.

According to the judgments of the European Court, most recently in Case C-243/01 Piergiorgio Gambelli and others on 6 November 2003, the EU Member States may gambling only on grounds of public interest - such as the prevention of money laundering or gambling addiction - limit.

Offered gambling

  • Baccara
  • Bingo
  • Blackjack, or 17, and 4
  • Called craps, and Seven-Eleven
  • Slot Machine (Slot Machine)
  • Poker, especially Texas Hold'em
  • Easy Poker
  • Video Poker
  • Red Dog
  • Roulette
  • Sic Bo

Casinos in Europe


Game: K = Classic Gaming ( tables ) A = automatic game ( TouchbetRoulette ); Sort by multiple columns: Hold down the SHIFT key


Game: K = Classic Gaming ( tables ) A = automatic game ( TouchbetRoulette )


In Germany there are 80 casinos:

Game: K = Classic Gaming ( tables ) A = automatic game ( TouchbetRoulette ); Sort by multiple columns: Hold down the SHIFT key

(* ) = Subsidiary of Casinos Austria International

Casino Bad Homburg

Casino Berlin

Casino Dortmund- Syburg

Casino Dresden

The Kurhaus Wiesbaden, is housed in the former wine hall the Great Game of the casino



Game: K = Classic Gaming ( tables ) A = automatic game ( TouchbetRoulette )


Game: K = Classic Gaming ( tables ) A = automatic game ( TouchbetRoulette )


Game: K = Classic Gaming ( tables ) A = automatic game ( TouchbetRoulette )


Game: K = Classic Gaming ( tables ) A = automatic game ( TouchbetRoulette )


In Switzerland, casinos were generally prohibited until 2000, which is why the casinos quite enjoyed high popularity in neighboring countries, such as in the Italian exclave Campione d' Italia or in Bregenz. A liberal Gaming Act was passed in 2000. It provides for two types of casinos before, A and B casinos casinos.

A casino = Grand Casinos offer a comprehensive table of games and the game of gambling machines. You may link the games within the casino and the casinos, especially the formation of jackpots (eg Swiss Jackpot )

  • Casino Barrière de Montreux
  • Casino Kursaal Lugano
  • Grand Casino Baden
  • Grand Casino Basel
  • Grand Casino Bern
  • Grand Casino Luzern
  • Swiss Casinos St. Gallen
  • Swiss Casinos Zurich

B = The casino casinos with license B may only offer three types of table games (such as roulette, blackjack and poker) and a maximum of 250 gaming machines. They must also respect stakes and winnings limits and allowed the gambling machines do not cross over their own casino jackpot systems by addition.

  • Casino Admiral Mendrisio
  • Casino Bad Ragaz
  • Casino Crans Montana
  • Casino Davos
  • Casino du Jura S. A. Courrendlin
  • Casino du Lac Meyrin - Genève
  • Casino Fribourg Granges- Paccot
  • Casino Kursaal Interlaken
  • Swiss Casinos Schaffhausen
  • Casino St. Moritz
  • Swiss Casinos Pfäffikon- Zurich
  • Grand Casino Locarno

Concerning differences earmarking of tax on gambling

The federal government levies on gross gaming revenue of casinos the casino tax ( special tax ). The fee for casinos with an A- and B- concession was adjusted to 1 January 2010. The tax on gambling casinos with the concession A flows to 100 percent in the AHV. The casinos with concession B 60 percent of the casino tax to the OASI and 40 percent flowing to the site canton.

Casinos in North America


  • In Nevada, generate cities like Las Vegas and Reno $ 9.5 billion annually.
  • In addition, Atlantic City is known for its gambling services.
  • 377 Indian casinos (2004) employ 400,000 people and generated 2005 22.6 billion U.S. dollars.


  • Casino de Montréal, the largest casino in Canada.
  • Caesars Windsor, Windsor

Casinos in Asia

In Asia, there are about 20 islands on which the game under specific statutory provisions under the special regime of the Thai Kingdom ( a so-called arms levy) is especially geared for tourism.


  • Koh Chang
  • Koh Kood
  • Koh Mak
  • Koh Kham
  • Koh Wai


  • Island of Macao.


The German casinos are open in principle daily. Exceptions are listed in the federal or state laws or based on internal regulations of the concession holder. Game banks are closed on the following days:

  • New Year ( occasional closures due to internal regulations, such as Potsdam)
  • Good Friday ( nationwide denominational independent)
  • Corpus Christi ( in the provinces with a predominantly Catholic population)
  • Day of German Unity (only in states with "old " Public holidays )
  • All Saints' Day ( in the provinces with a predominantly Catholic population)
  • Reformation ( in the provinces with a predominantly Protestant population)
  • Day of Atonement (only in Saxony )
  • Memorial Day ( nationwide denominational independent)
  • All Souls' Day ( nationwide denominational independent)
  • Christmas Eve ( nationwide denominational independent)
  • Christmas Day ( non-denominational independent in most provinces )
  • New Year's Eve ( occasional closures due to internal regulations, eg Berlin)