Chignik, Alaska

Lake and Peninsula Borough


Chignik is a place with a population of 79 in Lake and Peninsula Borough of the U.S. state of Alaska. Chignik is located in the Anchorage Bay on the south coast of the Alaska Peninsula.


Before the arrival of Russian fur hunters in Alaska in the late 18th century there was a settlement of Kaniagmuit Indians named Kaluak at the site of the present village. Chignik even at the end of the 19th century was founded as a fishing port and for canning. Seasonal workers were then placed on the sailing ship Star of Alaska from San Francisco to Chignik.

1901 a post office was opened. From 1899 to 1915 coal was mined in the region around Chignik. The place is now connected to the ferry system of the Alaska Marine Highway. In the Alutiiq language, the name of the place means as much as " strong wind " ( engl. big wind ).

Benny Benson, who in 1927 designed the flag of Alaska, was born in Chignik.