Chlumek is a municipality in the Czech Republic. You more than twelve kilometers west of Velké Meziříčí and belongs to Okres Zdar nad Sázavou.


Chlumek is located in the southern part of the Bohemian- Moravian Highlands on a ridge on the left side above the valley of Žďárka. Southeast of the Pavlínovská rises horka (614 m) and in the south of Chlumek (628 m). To the north lies the deserted village of Svetla.

Neighboring towns are Meziříčko in the north, and Měřín Pustina in the northeast, Stránecká Zhoř, Nová Zhoř and Pouště in the east, Benešov, Geršov and Pavlinov the southeast, Dvůr Brodek and KAMENICE in the southwest, Kamenička in the west and Řehořov in the northwest.


Chlumek belonged to the estates of the Provost Měřín. The first written mention of the village was in 1556 when the future Emperor Ferdinand I inherited the place rendered after the extinction of the Provost at Vratislav of Pernštejna. 1585 bought the Chraustensky of Malowar Chlumek and joined it to the reign of Cerna. At this time the village consisted of twelve estate. After the Battle of White Mountain, the goods of Chraustensky were confiscated and Rambold XIII. sold by Collalto. 1757 passed in Chlumek 16 economies, including 13 farmers. In 1790 lived 232 people in the 27 houses of the village. Vicarage was Měřín.

After the abolition of patrimonial created in 1850 the municipality Chlumek in the District team Velké Meziříčí. In 1890, the city of 53 houses and 326 inhabitants had. In 1900, the population had grown to 333. In 1907 a new school house. At the beginning of 1961 Chlumek was assigned to the Okres Zdar nad Sázavou.

Community structure

For the community Chlumek no districts are reported. To Chlumek the farms Benešov and Dvůr include ( Grange ).


  • Chapel of St.. Trinity and fountain in the village square