Chlum - Korouhvice ( German Chlum - Korowitz ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is located eight kilometers northeast of Bystřice nad Perštejnem and belongs to Okres Zdar nad Sázavou. The municipality was created in 1914 through the merger of Chlum and Korouhvice.


Chlum - Korouhvice is on the left about Valley of the Svratka in the Bohemian- Moravian Highlands. The municipality is situated on the bay of Lake Korouhvicer Vir I at the confluence of streams Korouhvický Potok, Potok Polomský and Nyklovský creek. To the north rise the Strážnice (621 m) and Javorův Kopec ( 681 m), northeast of Horni les (Upper Forest, 774 m), in the east of Bukovec (707 m ) southwest of the Strakův Kopec (550 m) and in the west the Ostražka ( 679 m).

Neighboring towns are Polom and Nyklovice in the north, Dudkovice in the northeast, Rovečné in the east, in the southeast Vestin, Vir and Hrdá Ves in the south, and Karasín Vítochov in the southwest and Hluboké and Ubušínek in the northwest.


Chlum and Korouhvice originated in the 13th century and were first mentioned in 1394. Chlum originally belonged to the estates of the monastery Doubravník, plus I was in the place of the seat of a gentry. Korouhvice was part of the dowry of Stepan Pernštein family of wife Klara. 1394 wrote about Clare of Tasov their income from both villages to their children. Subsequently, both belonged to the lords of places Pernštejna. In the second half of the 16th century Chlum and Korouhvice were connected to the Kunstadter goods. Since 1596, a judge is detectable in Chlum.

After the abolition of patrimonial formed Chlum and Korovice districts of the municipality in the district Polom Boskovice. 1897 came both places along with Polom to the district Nove Mesto. In 1912, broke and going Chlum Korovice of Polom and formed a new church, which bears the name Chlum - Korouhvice since 1 June 1914. Chlum consisted at that time of 17 dwellings and had 112 inhabitants. In the 23 houses of Korouhvice lived 160 people.

Chlum - Korouhvice 1946 the Okres Bystřice assigned nad Perštejnem. In 1947 the construction of the dam Svratka Vir I with an internal volume of 56 million cubic meters and an area of ​​223.5 ha within the proposed dam was also Korouhvice. Most of the inhabitants were resettled in Litobratřice. Five families remained in the village and erected in the sanctuary above the future dam new homes. The old Korouhvice including the mill was demolished in 1958 and sank in the dam Vir. In 1961 the parish was assigned to the Okres Zdar nad Sázavou.

Local structure

The community Chlum - Korouhvice consists of the districts Chlum and Korouhvice ( Korowitz ).


  • Reservoir Vir I
  • Lookout tower on the Upper les