John Hogan (Missouri)

John Hogan ( born January 2, 1805 in Mallow, UK, † February 5, 1892 in St. Louis, Missouri ) was an American politician of Irish origin. Between 1865 and 1867 he represented the State of Missouri in the U.S. House of Representatives.


In 1817, John Hogan came from his Irish home in the United States, where he settled in Baltimore. There he received only a limited education. At the same time he completed an apprenticeship as a shoemaker and was trained as a preacher of the Methodist Church. In 1826 he moved to the West, where he worked as a preacher in Illinois. Since 1831 Hogan worked in Madison in the trade. Between 1834 and 1837 he headed the State Construction Committee of Illinois ( Board of Public Works ). At that time he was a member of the Whig party. In 1836 he was elected to the House of Representatives from Illinois. Two years later, he ran unsuccessfully for Congress. Between 1841 and 1845 Hogan worked for the Land Registry Office in Dixon. He then moved to St. Louis, Missouri, where he worked in the food trade. Between 1857 and 1861 he served as postmaster in this city.

Politically, Hogan joined after the dissolution of the Whigs to the Democrats. In the congressional elections of 1864 he was the first electoral district of Missouri in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington DC chosen, where he became the successor of Samuel Knox on March 4, 1865. Since he Republican William A. Pile defeated in 1866, he was able to complete only one term in Congress until March 3, 1867. During this time the civil war ended in April 1865. It was then that the confrontation between the Republican Party and President Andrew Johnson began to Reconstruction.

After his retirement from the U.S. House of Representatives, John Hogan withdrew from politics. In the following years he devoted himself to his private affairs He died on February 5, 1892 in St. Louis, where he was also buried.