Emanuel Cleaver

Emanuel Cleaver II ( born October 26, 1944 in Waxahachie, Ellis County, Texas ) is an American politician of the Democratic Party and pastor of the United Methodist Church. He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2004 and since then there represents the fifth congressional district of Missouri. This focus includes the city of Kansas City and its surroundings.


Cleaver studied under theology at Saint Paul School of Theology. From 1979 to 1991 he was a town councilor, then until 1999 as the successor of Richard L. Berkley mayor of Kansas City. In 2004, he joined then at the election of the House of Representatives and was able to just prevail against his Republican counter candidate Jeanne Patterson. His re -election in 2006 was then, however, by a wide margin. Most recently, he was able to maintain with a share of 53.3 per cent against the Republican Jacob Turk in 2010.

Parliamentary work

He is a member of the Finance Committee of the House of Representatives. Since January 2011, he performs as a successor to Barbara Lee chairs the Congressional Black Caucus, the Association of African-American members of Congress.

During the presidential campaign, 2008 Cleaver supported the candidature of State Hillary Clinton, which earned him some criticism because it was actually expected of him as African-Americans to take sides for Barack Obama.

Honors and Memberships

Emanuel Cleaver is a member of the Federation of the Freemasons, his box, Eureka Lodge No.. 170 is constituted under the Prince Hall Grand Lodge.

On June 25, 2000, a street in Kansas City, Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard has been renamed.