National Football League 2000s All-Decade Team

The National Football League 2000s All- Decade Team (NFL 2000s All- Decade Team ) is a list of the best American football players in the NFL seasons 2000 through 2009. Recording are entitled to a player or coach who were active at that time.


The All- Decade Team is selected by the selection committee of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Every city in which an NFL team is located, shall be one representative of a local news organization. In addition, a member of the Pro Football Writers Association, as well as 11 media representatives of major national media. Overall, the Committee is composed of 44 people. As in New York with the New York Jets and the New York Giants two clubs are located, have their home in New Jersey, a media representative from New Jersey is eligible to vote.

The All- Decade Team is made up of two coaches and 53 players. Be selected: two quarterbacks, four running backs, one fullback, four wide receivers, two tight ends, four offensive tackles, four guards, two centers, four defensive ends, four defensive tackles, six linebackers, four cornerbacks, four Safetys, two kickers, two Punter, two kickoff returner and two punt returner.

The inclusion in the All- Decade team enhances the reputation of a player. With a (bid ) price, the choice is not connected. The selected players were announced Pro Bowl 2010 on 31 January 2010 before.

The All- Decade Team

The list only the teams are listed at the players / coaches, where the player or the coach was active during that decade.



Special Teams


Note to the table

  • In the " Hall of Fame" the earliest year in which the player may be included in the Pro Football Hall of Fame: "e -2010"
  • * Free agent, is currently available in any team squad, but has not yet declared end of his career.