Opel Monza

The Opel Monza is a sport coupe car manufacturer Opel, which was built from February 1978 to June 1986. It was derived as a three-door coupe from Opel Senator A and also experienced the same facelift.

The Senator is a notchback sedan with four doors, while the Monza is a three-door coupe with a large hatchback that is based on a floor assembly with a shorter by 25 mm wheelbase, comes from the smaller model series Rekord E and Commodore.

Model history

Monza A1 ( 1978-1982 )

Opel Monza (1978-1982)

The models Senator and Monza were launched in September 1977 at the IAA in Frankfurt, during the launch in April 1978 took place. First, the 2.8 -liter carburetor and 3.0 -liter injection engine were available, which was followed by the 3.0 -liter carburetor engine in the summer of 1978.

The first version of the Monza A1 was visually constructed almost unchanged until April 1981. Then came in May 1981 ( as the same time the Senator ), the intermediate model A1 out, which showed already the aerodynamically more optimized exterior mirrors, the modified dashboard and the new substances, but was still delivered with chrome bumpers.

In addition, the Monza was the 2.5 - liter injection engine of the Commodore C, which carried here 100 kW (136 hp). The distinctive B -pillar of the Monza is designed as a roll bar.

Pending the revision in November 1982, only six-cylinder engines were used.

Monza A2 ( 1982-1986)

Opel Monza (1982-1986)

Then the big facelift with changes to the bonnet, headlights, bumpers and other parts was carried out only in November 1982 as it was the case with Senator A and E record. Technically also made ​​some changes, so were first offered four-cylinder engines (as well as the Senator ). From March 1983 to October 1984, it was the 2.0 E, who was replaced by the 2.2 i from November 1984.

Been completely redesigned the interior of the car, the dashboard, the instruments themselves, and the mounting depth of the radio bay. Overall, the equipment was significantly upgraded.

For the UK market: Vauxhall Royale Coupe

Monza GSE and final model changes

In August 1983 appeared with the name GSE the highest trim line of the Opel Monza. It differed significantly from the trim levels of the Opel Senator. The Monza GSE was available exclusively with the 3.0-liter six-cylinder injection engine with 180 hp. He decreed standard with a sporty interior with Recaro seats and a leather steering wheel. Many features such as the on-board computers were standard.

For the GSE in conjunction with the Recaro seats no seats were available as the comparable Senator CD. There were also a sports-tuned chassis and additional plastic strips in black. The optionally available Three - speed automatic was replaced with a four- speed automatic.

From the end of 1983 was first offered at Opel digital gauges from VDO Automotive in Monza GSE. This could be ( unofficially ) canceled again. Later, these were used as standard in the same form, but with a smaller housing dimensions Kadett GSI. The usual chrome strips were installed at GSE in black and anthracite.

In the summer of 1985 disappeared at Monza GSE C and when the last of chrome trim elements in the interior ( door handles or NC) and were replaced by tonal elements in the plastic design. There was still a slight modification of the inner light, which was replaced by a larger one ( from the Opel Kadett E Opel Ascona C or derived ).

From autumn 1985, the Monza could be ordered with a regulated catalytic converter and a revised 3.0 -liter engine. However, this made ​​instead of the usual 132 kW ( 180 hp ) only 115 kW ( 156 hp ) and found in modified form in the Opel Omega Opel Senator A or B still use.

In a small series of 144 specimens of the Opel Monza A2 was rebuilt by the company Keinath under the name KC 5 for Convertible. 22 Copies of these vehicles served as the basis for the Bitter SC Convertible.

Convertible conversion of the Opel Monza: Keinath C5


For more information about Opel Monza are listed in the articles of models Opel Senator and Opel Rekord E. In South Africa, there was an Opel Monza. So there the notchback and convertible versions of the Kadett E series were called.


  • 2.0 E: Four-cylinder petrol engine with 1979 cc and 85 kW/115 hp ( 03.1983-10.1984 )
  • 2.2 i: in-line four -cylinder petrol engine with 2197 cc and 85 kW/115 hp ( 11.1984-06.1986 )
  • 2.5 E: Straight six- cylinder petrol engine with 2490 cc displacement and 100 kW/136 hp ( 05.1981-06.1984 )
  • 2.5 i: Straight six- cylinder petrol engine with 2490 cc displacement and 103 kW/140 hp ( 06.1984-06.1986 )
  • 2.8 S: Straight six- cylinder petrol engine with 2784 cc displacement and 103 kW/140 hp ( 02.1978-04.1981 )
  • 3.0 S: Straight six- cylinder petrol engine with 2969 cc displacement and 110 kW/150 hp ( 04.1978-07.1982 )
  • 3.0 E: Straight six- cylinder petrol engine with 2969 cc displacement and 132 kW/180 hp ( 02.1978-06.1986 )
  • 3.0 i: Straight six- cylinder petrol engine with 2969 cc displacement and 115 kW/156 hp ( 09.1985-06.1986 )

From tuners also other engines were offered, eg by the companies Mantzel (3.0 Turbo with 240 PS) and Irmscher ( 3.6E with 200 hp).