Opel Omega

The Opel Omega was a passenger of the upper middle class of Opel. He came in late summer 1986 as a successor to the Opel Rekord E on the market. The first generation (Omega A) ran until the end of 1993. Early 1994 followed the Omega B, which at the same time the set already in June 1993 flagship model Opel to replace Senator.

The Opel Omega A was also held with:

  • Four-cylinder petrol engines from 60 kW/82 hp ( 1.8 l capacity ) to 92 kW/125 hp ( 2.4 L),
  • Six-cylinder petrol engines of 110 kW/150 hp ( 2.6 L ) to 150 kW/204 hp (3.0 L ) and
  • A 2.3 -liter diesel version that was offered both without ( 54 kW/73 hp ) and turbocharged (73 kW/99 hp).

The Omega B was:

  • Four-cylinder petrol engines of 85 kW/115 hp ( 2.0 L) to 106 kW/144 hp ( 2.2 l ),
  • Six-cylinder petrol engines of 125 kW/170 hp ( 2.5 L) to 160 kW/218 hp ( 3.2 L )
  • As well as four and six- cylinder turbo diesel engines from 74 kW/100 hp (2.0 -liter DTi ) to 110 kW/150 hp ( 2.5 -liter DTi ) offered.

Apart from being bought by BMW conventional 2.5 -liter TD (96 kW/130 hp) ( hence the term DTi ) possessed all the other turbo diesel engines offered in the Omega B already has direct injection.

Another difference between Omega A and Omega B was the switch from serial to V-engines in the six- cylinder petrol engines.

In mid-2003 the production of the Omega was terminated, who received no direct successor. Opel instead wanted to based on the Opel Vectra C Opel Signum position in the upper middle class, but this failed.

The series at a glance

Opel Omega A2 (1990-1993)

Opel Omega B1 (1994-1999)

Opel Omega B2 (1999-2003)