Polegate is a Northeast Italian municipality ( comune ) with 4118 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) in the province of Rovigo in Veneto. The community is located approximately 11.5 kilometers south of Rovigo in the butt and about 18 kilometers northeast of Ferrara. Polegate is immediately adjacent to the province of Ferrara, part of the Southern Pole Sine.


Polegate was in Etruscan settlement area. However, the dam break of 589 ( Rotta di Cucca ) had the area completely flooded and destroyed potential evidence. 1509 came on the river Po to the Battle of Polegate, in which the Duke of Ferrara destroyed the galleys of the Venetian Republic.

Community partnerships

Polegate has partnerships with the Slovak city Lučenec in the region Poiplie and with the Croatian community Svetvinčenat in Istria County.


  • Thiago Motta ( b. 1982 ), whose family comes from Polegate


Passing through the municipality, the Strada Statale 16 Adriatica. The train station is on the railway line Bologna - Padua.