Rally Sweden

The Rally Sweden ( Uddeholm Swedish Rally official name ) is a rally event, which is held annually in early February in the Swedish province of Värmland. It is next to the Rally Norway is the only round of the FIA ​​World Rally Championship, which is driven on snow and / or ice. The service park is located in Hagfors, start and finish are in Karlstad.


The rally has existed since 1950. Since 1973, the first year of the Rally World Championship of Makes, it also provides the Swedish race of the World Cup Represent in your story, the rally was canceled only twice, in 1974 and due to the oil crisis and in 1990 due to the then prevailing mild weather conditions resulting therefrom lack of snow.

In 61 events (as of 2013) of the rally only twice a time not from a Nordic country drivers who rally to decide for themselves - and Sébastien Loeb and Sébastien Ogier in 2004 on 10 February 2013.


Despite the fact that the Swedish Rally will be held on snow and / or ice, but it is one of the fastest races in the World Rally Championship. This is partly due to the narrow spike tires, which literally dig through the loose snow in the frozen ground, as the other on the special driving technique of the professional rally drivers, which involve the high walls of snow along the way quite deliberately in the racing line by can " lean " on it and then go through the curves faster.

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