Renault 18

Renault 18 (1978-1986)

The Renault 18 - short R18 - was introduced as a four-door sedan in four versions in March 1978. He replaced so that the measures introduced in the fall of 1969 Renault 12


For the launch in September 1978, two gasoline engines with 1.4 liter and 47 kW ( 64 hp) and a 1.6 - liter with 58 kW ( 79 hp, from 1982: 54 kW/73 hp) available in two trim levels. Said in Germany " variable" and in France "break" five-door station wagon came to the presentation at the Geneva Motor Show in April 1979 on the market. Was made ​​of the R18 at the plant in Flins west of Paris.

The versions R18 TL and TS were indeed motorized different, but had the normal amenities. The GTL and GTS versions, however, were given high-end features, such as central door locking, electric windows and headlight wiper washer system for its time.

These in the engine range introduced in the fall of 1980 variants are R18 diesel with 2.1 liter displacement and 49 kW ( 67 hp) and a 1.6 - liter petrol engine with turbo, which initially an output of 80 kW ( 109 PS) (from 1983: 92 kW/125 hp) provided.

In the spring of 1982, the Break or variable has been renamed Combi.

From the autumn of 1983 was the Renault 18 Combi 4x4 even a four-wheel version available, which was developed by Steyr -Daimler -Puch Renault. At the same time the entire series received wider bumper.

In May 1984, followed as the next modifications, the revised instrument panel and the center console renewed from the sports coupe Fuego.

In the fall of 1984, the range was an additional diesel variant of the same displacement but turbocharged, supplements that made ​​65 kW (88 hp). From summer 1985, the Otto engine program was expanded by the R18 TX Combi ( catalyst) with 2.0 liter displacement and 77 kW (105 hp).

In March 1986, the successor was presented with the Renault 21. In France, production was, however, until the end of 1989 on. The world's last R18 rolled off the assembly line in 1994 in Argentina.

Renault 18 variable (1979-1986)

Renault 18 Turbo

The R18 was characterized by a very soft and comfortable suspension setup. In terms of quality, he often did not meet the demands of customers, what was changed on later models by improved quality control.

In America he was offered through the cooperation partner Renault AMC as 18i, but only with moderate success. In 1986, the American model by the Eagle Medallion, an American version of the R21, replaced.

Special models

Present State

A statistic of the British car magazine Auto Express in August 2006 showed that, now only 317 are fit to drive out of the total 131 241 copies of the R18, which were authorized in the United Kingdom.