Renault Suprastella

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The Suprastella was a luxury car, which was offered from 1939 by Renault.


The vehicle was placed as a successor to the Renault Nervastella in the upper class. Renault wanted to show that France was still able at that time to produce such luxury cars. Throughout history, it turned out that the Suprastella was the last model in the segment of Rolls- Royce or Bentley of Renault, the only to upper middle class vehicles produced from small cars after the Second World War as a state-owned manufacturer.


The basic mechanics were adopted from its predecessor. An eight -cylinder engine with 5448 cc capacity drove the vehicle.

Body and dimensions

Primarily the model has been made ​​available as a sedan. However, coachbuilders also offered convertibles and coupes. With a wheelbase of 321-372 cm, the vehicles were 509-650 cm long and 175 cm wide. The curb weight was about 1900 kg.

Single piece of Franay

A stretched to 6500 mm length version of the Supra Stella, with an extended wheelbase of 3720 mm, became one of the most photographed cars in France in the 1940s. This was a converted convertible limousine from coachbuilder Franay that was delivered to the French government in 1943 after it was decided that Marshal Pétain needed a new car. The car had a high ground clearance, and a special feature was the automatic appearance grid of metal that produces thrust when opening the door under the body. Historically known, however, the vehicle is from the day after the Battle of Paris, when Charles de Gaulle standing and accompanied by the war heroes Lattre de Tassigny, through the streets of Paris ran on August 26, 1944 with the vehicle upright in the back of the car. The car was still in the Fourth Republic under President Vincent Auriol.