Sanford Bishop

Sanford Dixon Bishop Jr. ( born February 4, 1947 in Mobile, Alabama ) is an American politician. Since 1993 he represents the state of Georgia in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Sanford Bishop attended the public schools of his native city of Mobile. Then he studied until 1968 at Morehouse College in Atlanta. After a subsequent study of law at Emory University School of Law and his admission to the bar he began to work in his new profession. Between 1969 and 1971 he served in the U.S. Army.

Bishop was a member of the Democratic Party. Between 1977 and 1991 he sat as an MP in the House of Representatives from Georgia; 1991 to 1993 he was a member of the State Senate. In the congressional elections of 1992 he was in the second electoral district of Georgia in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington DC chosen, where he succeeded Charles Floyd Hatcher took on 3 January 1993 he had beaten in the primaries. After he was confirmed in each case at the next elections, he can exercise his mandate in Congress today. His current term of office runs until 3 January 2011. Since he was re-elected in congressional elections in 2010 with 51 % of the vote, he can take another two-year term in Congress on January 3, 2011. Bishop is a member of the Appropriations Committee and three of its subcommittees. In 2002 he voted for the Iraq war. In the presidential election of 2008 he supported Barack Obama.

Sanford Bishop is married and lives privately in Albany.