Thomas W. Cobb

Thomas Willis Cobb (* 1784 in Columbia County, Georgia, † February 1, 1830 in Greensboro, Georgia ) was an American politician ( Democratic- Republican), who represented the state of Georgia in both chambers of Congress.

After completing his education, Thomas Cobb studied law. He became a member of the Bar and began to practice in Lexington. He later moved to Greensboro in Greene County.

On March 4, 1817 Cobb MP in the House of Representatives of the United States. After four years of service to the Congress, he missed the first re-election, but then returned on March 4, 1823 the parliament back. He resigned from his position there on December 6, 1824 down, after he was elected U.S. Senator. In the Senate, he succeeded the deceased in the Official Nicholas goods to and remained there until his own retirement in 1828. Subsequently, he was judge of the Superior Court of Georgia, until his death in February 1830.

The Cobb County in Georgia was named after Thomas W. Cobb.