Robert R. Reid

Robert Raymond Reid ( born September 8, 1789 Prince William Parish, South Carolina, † July 1, 1841 in Blackwood, Florida ) was an American politician and from 1839 to 1841 governor of the Florida territory. He also represented 1819-1823 the state of Georgia as a delegate in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Robert Reid visited the South Carolina College, later the University of South Carolina. Then he moved to Augusta in Georgia, where he studied law. In 1810 he was admitted as a lawyer. He then began to work in this profession. In 1816 he became a judge in Georgia.

Between 18 February 1819 and 3 March 1823, he acted as a member of the Democratic-Republican Party the fifth electoral district of the State of Georgia in Congress. After the end of his second term, he served as a judge in various courts in Georgia until 1832. In 1832 he was appointed by President Andrew Jackson to a federal judgeship for the eastern part of the Florida Territory. This office he held until 1839. This year, President Martin Van Buren appointed him as the new territorial governor of Florida. Robert Reid was instrumental in the drafting of the first constitution of the future state of Florida. He was also an operator of the war against the Seminole Indian tribe. Robert Reid died during his term of office on July 1, 1841 of yellow fever.