Joseph Webber Jackson

Joseph Webber Jackson ( born December 6, 1796 in Cedar Hill, Georgia, † September 29, 1854 in Savannah, Georgia ) was an American politician and lawyer. He represented the state of Georgia in the House of Representatives of the United States.

Born near Savannah Joseph Jackson studied law and worked for his approval in Georgia as a lawyer. He belonged to the municipal council of Savannah and also served as mayor of the city. Thereafter, he was elected as an MP in the House of Representatives of Georgia and later represented a constituency in the State Senate. Jackson was captain of the Savannah Volunteer Guards and later Colonel of the 1st regiment of militia of Georgia, a voluntary association in the field of the state and a forerunner of the Army National Guard of Georgia. Jackson also worked as a Supreme Court judge ( Superior Court ) in the state.

Jackson was elected in 1850 for the remaining term of office of the retiring Thomas Butler King as representative of the Democrats for the first constituency in Georgia in the 31st term in the U.S. House of Representatives. For the 32nd legislature, he was re-elected and served thus on March 4, 1850 to March 3, 1853. He came not again for election, and was succeeded by James Lindsay Seward.