WCW World Tag Team Championship

  • NWA World Tag Team Championship ( Mid-Atlantic )
  • WCW Tag Team Championship

The WCW World Tag Team Championship ( to German WCW World Team Cup) was a championship, the U.S. promotion World Championship Wrestling. As award two belts were awarded to a tag team. The championship has been disabled as they day with the WWF Championship team was united.


The tag team title of World Championship Wrestling ( WCW ) have a long tradition. They were introduced by the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA ), which produced great wrestling stars such as Ric Flair or Dusty Rhodes.

Some champions included the Outsiders ( Kevin Nash & Scott Hall ), Steve Borden & Lex Luger, the Dancing Fools (Alex Wright & Disco Inferno ) and many others.

With the purchase of WCW and the WCW World Tag Team titles have been discontinued, so they were released. The WWE Tag Team Championship, which will be fights on Smackdown, but consists of the old games with new WWE imprint.



List of past champions

After the purchase of WCW by World Wrestling Federation Championship this title designated to WCW tag team and put him in the storyline invasion. On 18 November 2001, the championship with the WWF Tag Team Championship was unified.

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