2001–02 Czech Extraliga season

The season 2001 /02 was the ninth regular hosting of the Czech Extraliga. In the play-off final, put the runner-up the previous season, the HC Sparta Prague, 3-1 against HC Vitkovice by. In the first league of the Czech Republic, the White Tigers Liberec won the play-off finals and met in the relegation to the HC Vagnerplast Kladno. This series ended 4-1 in favor of the White Tiger from Liberec, so this up and the team from Kladno descent into Extraliga in the first league.

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In 52 games, all teams will play two complete double rounds, so each team has 26 each home and away games. The teams ranked 1-8 qualify directly for the play- offs, their quarter-finals will be played in best-of- seven- mode. Semifinals and finals will be held in the other hand, Best-of -Five mode. For the teams ranked 9-13, the season is over after the main round. At the end of the season will take place in addition to Relegation Playoffs one where the last place team in the Extraliga and the winner of the play-off final of the first league to participate. In the mode best- of-seven with a maximum of seven games per team of climbers is determined in the Extraliga or relegated to the first division.

Regular Season

Last year's winner HC Vsetín had serious financial problems and therefore had to sell half the team. Some players like Kratěna switched to HC Sparta Prague, the relation to the other Extraliga clubs had a doubled budget.



  • Top scorer: David Hruska - 31 goals for HC Litvinov and HC Chemopetrol Femax Havířov
  • Topvorlagengeber: Jaroslav Hlinka (HC Sparta Prague) with 45 assists
  • Top scorer: Petr Leška (HC Zlín Continental ) - 68 points, 28 goals and 40 assists
  • Toptorhüter: Petr Briza (HC Sparta Praha): Gegentorschnitt 2.34, catch rate of 93.46 %

Average attendance

The highest average attendance of the league saw the HC Pardubice, who received an average of 7,060 spectators to its home games.


Tournament tree

The crew of the HC Sparta Prague was the 3-1 against HC Vitkovice by the sixth and won the league title in club history. In the playoffs, were particularly impressed by the attacking formation to Michal Bros and Ondřej Kratěna who achieved 36 points scorer together in 13 playoff games. Again contributed to the success of goalkeeper Petr Briza, who played in the playoffs with 93.97 % held shots and a Gegentorschnitt of 2.04 at a consistently good level.

Squad of Czech master

Goalkeepers: Petr Briza, Petr Přikryl

Defender: Jaroslav Nedvěd, František Ptáček, Valdemar Jiruš, Pavel Šrek Jan Srdinko, Radek Hamr Jan Hanzlik, František Kučera, Libor Zábranský, Martin Richter

Attacker: Jiří Zelenka Jaroslav Hlinka, Richard Žemlička, Ondřej Kratěna, Michal Bros, Martin Chabada, Róbert Tomík, Radek Bělohlav Jan Tomajko, Václav Novák, Pavel Kašpařík, Michal Sivek, Petr Havelka, Tomáš Netík, David Hnát

Coaching staff: Vaclav Sykora, Pavel Hynek


White Tigers Liberec reached in 2001/ 02 to win the championship for 1st league. In the relegation of the club HC Kladno Vagnerplast defeated 4-1, so that the team from Kladno, which dominated the Czechoslovak ice hockey over many years, descent into 1 league.