2002 European Men's Handball Championship

The 5th edition of the European Handball Championship for men was held in 2002 in Sweden and took place from 25 January to 3 February. The title could win over Germany, the Swedish national handball team with a win in the final. Switzerland is already retired from after the preliminary round, Austria could not qualify for the finals.

  • 4.1 Group I
  • 4.2 Group II
  • 5.1 Third place match 11
  • 5.2 place play- 9
  • 5.3 Game for 7th place
  • 5.4 Match for 5th place
  • 5.5 Semi-finals
  • 5.6 3rd place match
  • 5.7 final
  • 9.1 European champion: Sweden
  • 9.2 Second Place: Germany
  • 9.3 Third Place: Denmark



  • Gothenburg - Scandinavium, 12,000 places
  • Helsingborg - Idrottens hus, 2,700 places
  • Jönköping - Kinnarps Arena, 7,000 places
  • Skövde - Arena Skövde, 2,400 places
  • Stockholm - Globen, 16,000 places
  • Västerås - ABB Arena, 5,800 places

Preliminary round

In the preliminary round, the teams played within their respective group once against each other. The three best teams moved into the main round, the worst team in each group dropped out.

Group A

The matches of Group A were held in Gothenburg.

Group B

Hosted the games in Group B was Helsingborg.

Group C

The Group C matches were played in Skövde.

Group D

The group D played in Jönköping.

Main Round

The main round matches were held in Gothenburg and Västerås. The 12 qualified teams from the preliminary round were divided into two groups. In group I played the first three teams in Groups A and B, in group II, the first of the groups C and D. The points were taken from the first round that has been made against the other teams who had also reached the main round. The respective first and second placed teams from the groups were advancing to the semifinals, the remaining teams played the remaining places among themselves.

Group I

The games in Group I were held in Gothenburg.

Group II

Group II wore their games from Vasteras.

Classification matches and finals

All placement matches and the finals were held in Stockholm.

Place play- 11

Place play- 9

Game for 7th place

Match for 5th place


3rd Place Match


Full Time

Goal scorer table

All-Star Team


European Championship: Sweden

  • Jonas Ernelind
  • Stefan Lovgren
  • Thomas Sivertsson
  • Martin Frändesjö
  • Johan Petersson

Coach: Bengt Johansson

Second Place: Germany

Coach: Heiner Brand

Third Place: Denmark

  • Kasper Hvidt
  • Kristian Asmussen
  • Klavs Bruun Jørgensen
  • Torsten Laen
  • Lars Jørgensen
  • Lars Christiansen
  • Joachim Boldsen
  • Michael Bruun Pedersen
  • Michael V. Knudsen
  • Claus Møller Jakobsen

Coach: Torben Winther


  • Tournament on eurohandball.com

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