AMC Spirit

The AMC Spirit was built by the U.S. carmaker AMC from summer 1978 to mid-1983 Automobile of the U.S. small car class with rear-wheel drive.

The Spirit was the successor to the AMC Gremlin, it was based on this technology.


For the model year 1979, was the AMC Spirit as the body side, modernized version of the Gremlin. Offered was the Spirit in two body versions: as a three-door hatchback sedan with a rear resembled that of the Gremlin, but had a much narrower C-pillar and the other as a three-door hatchback coupe under the name Liftback. The hatchback is known in the U.S. under the name Kammback. The front end came, slightly modified from the simultaneous AMC Concord.

In the program versions based, Spirit DL and Spirit Limited stood. As own series out, but based on the Spirit Liftback, the AMC AMX played the role of sport model and drew attention to himself with conspicuous fender flares, spoilers, and trim. For less extroverted customers, AMC held a GT package for the Liftback ready, which mainly differed from the ordinary spirit through the use of matt black paint for various bodywork details.

The Spirit models were powered by a two-liter four-cylinder, had acquired its production tools AMC Volkswagen, or straight-six engines with 3.8 and 4.2 liter of displacement; in Liftback and AMX there was also a five-liter V8 surcharge.

In model year 1980, a bought- Pontiac 2.5 liter inline four- cylinder replaced the two-liter, V8 also accounted for the replacement.

In 1981 the Spirit a revised grille, a different shaped hubcaps and standard lateral trim. The base model features have been added to front disc brakes, 185er tires, carpets and rear bumper horns. The trim Limited and AMX accounted for, the GT package was still available.

1982 there was an extra charge for the first time a five-speed gearbox.

1983 was only the Liftback in versions DL and GT on offer, exclusively with the 4.2-liter. For his final year of the Spirit learned again some small improvements; Radio and 195er tires were now standard. Last year, AMC built just under 3500 Spirit.

Overall, originated from the Spirit around 176,000 copies, of which an estimated 5000 AMX.


Over the years, the Spirit was offered with the following engines:

  • 2.0 - liter four-cylinder in-line engine, 81 hp (60 kW)
  • 2.5 - liter four-cylinder in-line engine, 83 hp ( 61 kW )
  • 3.8- liter six-cylinder in-line engine, 91 hp ( 67 kW )
  • 4.2- liter six-cylinder in-line engine, 112 hp ( 82 kW )
  • 5.0-liter V8 engine, 127 hp ( 93 kW )


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