AMC Concord

AMC Concord Sedan ( 1978)

The AMC Concord was a by the U.S. carmaker AMC 1977 to the summer of 1983 produced by the fall of size car with rear wheel drive. It is the nearly identical successor to the AMC Hornet.


For the model year 1978 led an AMC Concord, the further represented nothing more than an AMC Hornet with facelift and a new name. The facelift related primarily to the now slightly tapered and provided with rectangular headlights front end. The program was a single trim line in the variants notchback coupe, three-door hatchback coupe, four-door sedan and five-door station wagon, in addition there was the sporty AMX based on the tailgate coupe. For an extra charge you could for all models (except the AMX and the three-door coupe ) acquire a D / L- packet, the vinyl roof, velor upholstery, map pockets, wood sheet on the dashboard and more luxurious -looking details included. The drive took six-cylinder 3.8 and 4.2 -liter displacement (the latter standard in AMX ) or a five-liter V8.

In 1979 a further revision of the front; they now received dual headlights, under which were previously embedded in the grill turn signals. The AMX migrated to the AMC Spirit - series, but there was the Concord now available in three trim levels: Base, DL, and Limited. DL and Limited coupes and sedans carried a lush padded vinyl roof on display, the corresponding station wagons were decorated with wood foil on the flanks, the Limited leather upholstery and other were added. Sedans and coupes were now also available with a coming of Volkswagen two-liter four-cylinder, otherwise changed on the motor selection nothing.

1980, derived from the Concord AMC Eagle was introduced with all-wheel drive. The Concord even got a new grille with horizontal bars and revised taillights. The two-liter fell again after one year from the program, his place was a bought- Pontiac 2.5 liter four- cylinder. Also, the five-liter and 3.8-liter accounted for, the 4.2-liter with 112 hp was available.

From model year 1981, the framing of vinyl roofs rear side windows ( "opera windows" ) of the DL and Limited models received a revised form, and rust protection has improved. 1982 could be combined with a new five-speed gearbox of the 2.5 -liter. 1983, the four-cylinder engine was no longer offered.

In the summer of 1983, the production of Concord ended after 401,000 units produced. AMC built from now on only models on Renault - base and the Eagle. As the successor of Concord in 1987 launched Eagle Premier may apply, which was based on the Renault 25.


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