Nash 600

The Nash 600 was an automobile that Nash Motors, the automotive division of the Nash - Kelvinator Corporation, produced from 1940 to 1949. After that, the car was renamed Nash Statesman.

The " 600 " is generally regarded as the first American production car called, which was made ​​in monocoque construction, the frame and the body is welded instead of - as hitherto usual - were screwed. This design principle allowed Nash to praise the car as a lighter, quieter and stiffer than its competitors products.

In its last year of production in 1949 was the 600 equipped with a flow- pontoon body and mutated so the Nash Airflyte 600. A year later it was renamed in Nash Statesman.

The Nash 600 (and the Nash Ambassador Custom) of 1948 were by Helene Rother, the new interior designer of Nash equipped. The result was one of the most stylish interiors in the entire auto industry. For example, upholstery and trim colors were matched to certain exterior colors.