Rambler Rebel

The Rambler Rebel V8 was a passenger car that was manufactured by the American Motors Corporation ( AMC) in Kenosha, Wisconsin, 1957-1960 and 1966-1967.

Model 1957

American Motors surprised most observers in December 1956 with the introduction of the Rambler Rebel. The new 1957 model appeared as a high-performance vehicle, the mid- ground group of AMC with 2743 mm wheelbase and a 4-door hardtop body with the 5.4 liter - V8 combined. This was the first time after the Second World War that a large V8 engine appeared in a mid-sized car. Although AMC was known for its reliable and economical cars, this particular model appeared with a bigger engine than it could offer its main competitors of Chevrolet, Ford or Plymouth_ (car brand ). The Rebel was with its U.S. $ 2786, - cost (recommended price) for its performance class and was economical with petrol.

The Rebel was, Motor Trend tested by the magazine '', which stated that the Bendix Electrojector, electronic fuel injection ( EFI), equipped sedans in the standing start were faster than the 1957 Chevrolet Corvette with mechanical fuel injection. This would have been the first major series engine with direct fuel injection; but he did not go into production because there were problems with the cold start behavior. But there are at least two pilot series Rebel with electronic fuel injection. All series Rebel were equipped with a four -barrel carburetor system. The version with EFI appeared but in the operating instructions of the production vehicle.

The Rebel has been equipped with a manual transmission with overdrive or automatic transmission. In addition, there were a number of other performance-enhancing details like dual exhaust, reinforced suspension with Gabriel shock absorbers and a stabilizer at the front axle. The Rebel with the standard 255 hp SAE (190 kW) - engine accelerated from 0 to 100 km / h in about 7.5 seconds, the light monocoque body of the car caused a power to weight of only 13 lbs / hp SAE. (5,9 kg / PS). The engine of the Rebel also differed from the motors with the same large displacement, which were installed in the Nash Ambassador and Hudson Hornet in because he was highly compacted. Since the performance of both engines was given as 255 hp SAE, it is likely that the Rebel was undervalued.

Power steering and drum brakes with brake booster were standard equipment, as with all better Rambler models. The Rebel was available with gold-colored aluminum trim on both sides only in silver metallic. 1957 manufactured 1,500 vehicles of this type. Many of them were repainted by the AMC dealers after a few years, as the OEM finish was not weatherproof. The Rebel is considered the forerunner of the muscle cars that were popular in the 1960s.

Model years 1958-1960

In 1958 there were new Rebels, but not with the 5.4 liter - machine. The name referred rather all Rambler models with a 4.1 liter - were equipped V8 engine. These Rebels were no longer the muscle cars from 1957, but just normal Rambler models that had a little more power than their standard sister models. After 1957 was the 5.4 liter - motor to standard features of the luxurious Rambler Ambassador.

In the model years 1958 and 1959 there was the Rambler Rebel with four -barrel carburetor and dual exhaust pipes. The engine produced 215 hp SAE (160 kW) at 353 Nm of torque.

After 1960, were all called Rambler models with 2743 mm wheelbase Rambler Classic.

Model years 1966-1967

The name Rebel popped back to 1966 when a Rambler Classic as a 2- door hardtop coupe with a special interior and a revised roofline. 1967 were all called Rambler midrange models Rambler Rebel.

Disappeared in 1968, the traditional name Rambler and the cars were called from now on AMC Rebel.