Champorcher is an Italian municipality in the autonomous region of Aosta Valley. The municipality has 398 inhabitants (as at 31 December 2012), is located at an average altitude of 1427 m slm and has a size of 68 km ². The inhabitants are called champorcherains. Champorcher is a member of the Association of Municipalities Comunità Montana Mont- Rose and is located in Champorcher, a side valley of Val d'Aosta. A part of the municipality is the Natural Park of Mont Avic, the first natural park of its kind in the Aosta Valley. The park was established in 1989.

Champorcher consists of the districts Boussiney, Perrier, Dogier, Dublanc, Salleret, Outre l' Eve parie, Moulin, L' Écreux, Véranaz, Loré, Vigneroisaz, Vagly, Mellier, Coudreyt, Grand Rosier, Petit- Rosier, Château, Gontier, Garavet, Byron, Arbussey, Collin, Grand -Mont- Blanc, Petit -Mont- Blanc, Perruchon, Ronchas, Chardonney, Sen -du- Gail, Vignat. The neighboring municipalities are Champdepraz, Cogne, Fénis, Issogne, Pontboset Valprato Soana (TO) and Vico Canavese (TO). The latter two communities lie within the province of Turin in the Piedmont.

During the Fascist period, the village was the Italianate name Campo Laris.